Oct 4 2008 It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all?

Borrowed image... That is not me... I didn't even have time to photograph them 😦

I am always looking for new things to add to my pile of things I need to go biking, so when I saw Arm Chaps, I had to have a pair.

I had them mailed to my son at university in Oregon to save the expense of shipping them across the border and picked them up on my way to Las Vegas.  These were a soft, but sturdy leather that looks like a gauntlet with the fingers and thumb cut off.

At first, I was disappointed with myself for ordering a medium as I am a big guy and they were tight.  I was debating whether I should give them to Guy (he loves his fingerless gloves) or send them back.  The second day they seemed looser but not comfortable, although I sunburned everything else they did protect my forearms. 

The third day I decided to read the directions.  Never needed directions for gloves so I am surprised I even bothered but that is when I discovered there is a right and a left and low and behold, just like shoes they fit better when on the right appendage.

By the time I got to Las Vegas I loved them, they not only felt good but I was stylin… everyone noticed and wanted to know where to get them.  One person must not have been able to wait, so after I tucked them away in the saddlebag, he helped himself to mine.  I know it must have been a guy because none of the women were wearing them, in fact most were wearing very little of anything… but I digress… I normally wouldn’t have even noticed but other guys keep pointing them out and I am subject to peer pressure.

Back to my rant… these chaps were only forty-three dollars and change and if I was a gambler I would have easily dropped that much in minute in Vegas, in fact because I am not a gambler I should be enough money ahead to buy a second set, but I am still PO’d.  Less than three full days of riding with them and there they are gone.  Of course, the fact that there was no one to yell at made it worse.  There was a time when a man would be hung for horse thievin because you just don’t put someone at risk by stealing their mounts (or accessories) and I thought bikers had a similar code of ethics. Heck, most bikers seldom take their helmets off the bikes at home but perhaps no one worries about arm lice.   I think that the death penalty is not too sever for stealing a man’s arm leggins, but that brings us back to the problem that no one knows who took them, but I lost them both so we know it wasn’t the one armed bandits. 

If you see a size medium walking around ask where he got them and if he tells you anything but on the internet do me a favor and drop them right there because that is the only place they are available.

So I thought I was finished but I am discovering the saying is wrong, it should be what you bring to Vegas, Stays in Vegas.  I also brought a leather covered note book, apparently it will be staying here as well.  The problem is it had all my interviews, names, addresses etc. to go with the photos, now I can’t even send the people the pictures I promised.  Today was the ultimate I made sure everything was locked, when to a very expensive Casino on the west end called the Red Rock.  Security told me to park in the Platinum area where the high rollers park and security is the best.  You guessed it, when I came out from the course my sheep skin seat cover was missing.

I am now anxious to just return home with what I have left even if I will be risking sun burned forearms. 

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