Oct 9 08 Unbeliveable

I can’t believe how this Video phone business is growing, although it shouldn’t be when you can have a video phone for less money than the home phone you have now.  

At $32 per month for phone and all the long distance costs for North America has people lining up to join my team.  I haven’t even had a chance to meet or talk to anyone about this as I signed up the night before I mounted up the bike and headed south and already I have over a dozen people on my team selling new phones.

If you just want a phone call me and I will have someone meet with you as I have people all across western Canada now but if you want to get in on this as a business don’t wait.  I don’t know how long the window of opportunity is but I am signing up my kids as I see them paying their own university costs with little effort.

I plan to use this business to fund further motorcycle trips.  Why not join me.

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