Day 02 Monday, June 8 Update

Hi, All,

It is now almost 48 hours since Layton’s accident. He is still in ICU/Trauma in Renown Hospital in Reno, NV.

When he is awake, he is writes notes..his mind is not stopping. He thanked his nurse for being gentle with his needles. He continues to get great care here. He is scheduled for surgery on his shoulder tomorrow. They are working on his clavicle, his scapula (if nec) and his ribs if the way they are broken make him a candidate for a new type of surgery. This would be nice because it is the breathing that hurts so much. As the fluid drains from around his lung, his lung will be restored. Note all this medical talk is an unmedical interpretation of what we are told.

I have a hotel room here in the hospital, a five minute stroll from Layton’s room. Layton thought I should just hide in the bed with him! Too many tubes for that kind of nonsense! There is an inexpensive cafeteria here with a variety of good food.

Layton’s friend, Ed Wright, from Calgary offered to fly here to see him. Layton indicated he would be pleased for Ed to do that so Ed will be here Wednesday til the weekend. That will be nice.

We have been inundated with good wishes and I have read them all to Layton, and I read them again and again. Unlike the patient next door who has someone singing to him. I did not think that my singing would aid in Layton’s recovery…he would just want more drugs:))

Kind of an interesting hospital, beyond the usual gift shop, there are at least two Starbucks, a “scrubs” store, a store of arts and crafts from this area of Nevada, an ice cream store, a drug store, and a higher end gift store. They are on my way to my room…a completely indoor walk.

I will do another update later today, but thanks and “keep those cards and letters coming”, electronically is great!

We are expecting to be here at least two weeks, but that is for the doctors to decide.

20 thoughts on “Day 02 Monday, June 8 Update

  1. I have listed Layton to Silent Unity’s list. They will pray 24/7 for him. I have also contacted a powerful “master” group to send healing power and energy to him.
    My prayers are with you both as well.
    Kathleen Rich-New


    • I am home and healing. They tell me i will be fully functioning again by spring and I believe a good deal of my recovery is owed to people like you who supported Myrna and I through these trying times. Your words and prayers were greatly appreciated.



  2. Thank you for the update Myrna. We have been thinking about you both all day!
    I know it must be hard..
    I am glad Ed will be coming down for support for both of you.

    Lots and lots of healing thoughts coming your way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

    The entire ACN group from Victoria sends positive thoughts and energy.



  3. Hello Myrna and Layton,
    Thank you for the update, we are praying and wishing Layton a speedy and complete recovery!
    Val is keeping Mom updated and I have been up dating Faye, Doug and Lee. Doug should hear from a surgeon hopefully tomorrow. We are all breathing for him….like you said….
    Love Adele And Amy


  4. Dear Myrna and Layton,
    Thank you for the update. Val is keeping Mom updated and I have been updating Faye, Doug and Lee. We are all praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Myrna I am glad to hear that his friend is coming to be with both of you. Good to hear you have a place close by to him, it is a comfort.
    One Day At A Time, One Hour At A Time,
    Doug is hoping to hear from a surgeon tomorrow.
    Love Adele and Amy


    • I am just revisiting all the messages I got and responding as they were all so important to me. Now that you are going through similar times with Doug I want to wish you and him well too. It does take time to recover but it is life changing and all the support and love is an awakening to our true richness.


  5. From Liam to his Dad
    Hey dad, I miss you. I hope none of this will have any permanent
    affect on your snoring because despite year’s of complaining i must
    say now that i’ve begun to associate the reverberation through the
    house to Warmth, comfort and Home. Nyla doesn’t snore loud enough for
    that same sort of comfort and her facial hair isnt as prickly. I
    remember being top bunk front row center for the sleepy shouts of
    your snores laying across your wiskers. maybe now that you’ll be all
    bionic and reinforced with screws we can do that again some time aha.
    I love you. hope surgery goes well and you get to breathing on your
    own again soon. you’re favorite jesus impersonator, Liam


  6. Well, Layton, I’ve seen people use a lot of procrastination tricks to put off revising some writing, but this one takes the cake! Seriously, I’m so sorry you were hurt. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Get better fast, because we need you to be funny again. You shine a bright light in this world.

    Best regards,
    Your editor,
    Jessi Hoffman


  7. We can’t wait for Layton’s next border crossing story, w/ the metal detector going off like crazy…. oops I forgot the doctor’s letter to verify I have pins and the like. We’ll really be really fortunate to have Layton get across. Oh you do have a way with words…


  8. Dear Myrna and Layton
    I am encouraged by the news that Layton has not lost his sense of humour and is progressing as well as can be expected. I have enjoyed reading your blog. As a born again rider I am getting some good tips. I am especially considering the Rider Airbags. My only fear is that I might keep letting go of the handlebars to ensre they are fully engaged …oh my.. I do digress. It seems the the US has their medical program sorted out by hiring lots of young nurses. This seems to speed the recovery and improve the morale. Although the discharge time might be longer. If our health ministers would stop bickering over the sexiness of isotopes then maybe we would get similar progress in Canada.

    That was a cool move you made to get across the border with no documents. I was wondering how you were going to get back. Myrna – did you bring his passport?

    I wish you a speedy recovery my friend.


    • It was a great way to sneak back into the country and in style with the lear, but I don’t recommend it. Did she also tell you those young nurses were mostly male? I want to thank you for taking the time to send a message and encourage Myrna to keep the blog going it was good for both of us. I am home and finally able to respond although it will be some months before I am fully functioning again. It has been a journey.



  9. Hi Layton & Myrna,

    Thanks for your updates! It’s great to hear that things are progressing positively.

    Layton, I too have had a broken collar bone and broken ribs, -and that is Paaiinnffull!! -but mine was not nearly as brutal as yours. I wish you quick healing!!! Myrna, great that you can be there. Hang in!

    How about the other broken bones? Does any of that require further surgery?

    My prayers are with you both, especially this morning. -may the surgery go well!

    Peter Neufeldt


  10. Myrna,

    You can’t know how much we appreciate the updates on Layton’s recovery. We have been thinking of you both non-stop since we heard. Thank God that you are both such incredibly strong people. We know there’s not any stretch of road that’s a match for Layton Park!

    Please give Layton our love and let him know that we are praying for a rapid recovery. We miss your smiling faces around here!

    The whole ACN Family up here in Kelowna is rallying around you and sending their best.

    Big hugs to you both,
    Kar and Bill


  11. Hey Layton and Myrna..

    We are all thinking and praying for a speed recovery,thanks Myrna for keeping us all up to date.. luv Irene


  12. Personally, not having actually had the “pleasure” of the hospitality of a hospital for any period of time, I have spent many hours…day and night, within the hospital walls with family members and friends.
    From these experiences I have gained a few insights that may be helpful during your stay.
    There are two ways to get things done in a hospital.
     Scream bloody murder like a lunatic, or someone having a bad morphine trip. This is helped along with rants on “your killing me” and “do you know who I am”
     Or -Be pleasant and polite with lots of “please” and “thank-you soooo much’es (although these pleasantries can also become annoying to the nurses). Be law abiding with a dose of humor and only ask for the REAL important stuff. Like when your drip ran out about an hour ago and the incessant beeping is not only driving you nuts it has woken the guy in the coma in the next room.
    The former can produce immediate results, but then do you really want to piss off the people who change your diapers and stick needles in your arms?
    I have found that the best solution is to have the patient be sweet as a butter tart and the attending family member act like the nut-bar from hell. In this scenario the patient usually gets extra special care from the attending nurses as they feel sorry for them having to put up with the daughter – wife – sister – friend, who is a few fries short of a happy meal ….for HOW may years? No wonder the patient is so nice.
    To add to the persistent crazy person’s persona carry around a notebook and pen. Jotting down names dates and medications. (This actually is helpful).

    Well, that is my attempt at humor writing. Layton perhaps when you have nothing better to do you can re-write it and let me know how it should be done.
    In all seriousness you are in out thoughts and prayers.
    Sending all the good vibes we can muster from the dreaded province of Ontario.
    Marci and Greg


  13. Thank You for the update…we wish we could do something to ease the pain….
    we are trying to keep up with your progress but using hotel and internet cafes is not helping…
    We are praying for you and wish you a speedy recovery…Ryan and I are both proof bones,ribs, lungs, Arms and legs can heal but the memories of the pain will last forever…. and that is OK!
    Keep those spirits up….. we know you will….
    Darwin, Ryan, Susan & Betty


  14. We’re sending our best thoughts and wishes to both of you today … may the surgery help aleviate some of Laytons pain and allow him to breathe on his own again.

    Keep the updates (and humour) coming, and if there’s anything we can do for you here, please let us know.

    Brenda, Louis & Sam


  15. Layton,

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you realize that you may have out done my broken arm but I promise NOT to out do you! I do remember telling Claudette stay off the ladders, we don’t need anymore broken bones. You should have taken your own advice about the bones. Just teasing! Wishing you and Myrna the best.



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