Day 03 Sign Language

Since Layton can’t talk with all the tubes in his throat, we have had to develop sign language. This became apparent when he kept making this sign that I could not figure out. In frustration, he let me know he wanted to write a note for the nurse. “It would help if Myrna knew the international sign for TIME.” Apparently, he was pointing to his wrist as if he had a watch on. I, to my defense, did not recognize the sign as I could not see his wrist in the sling! OK-got it-but I still forget sometimes. The clock was screwed into the wall but Allison, the nurse, not to be confused with Allison, an interior designer, took the clock down and tried to tape it to the wall where he could see it better….that lasted about 20 minutes and the hands look a little skewed today…oops!

So I made up a cheat sheet and told him if we memorized it, we could have “secret signals” to give each other in public. He could just use his fingers so I know what he wanted me to do.
1. LIPS-means “swab my dry lips” One finger up and circling means “lips and the inside of my mouth.”
2. CHIN-means “scatch my chin” easy enough
3. BUTT-means “scratch my butt” With the bruising and scrapes, it is getting itchy, but it also hurts. This is not a sign he has shared with the nurses.
4. NOSE-means “itchy nose” and then if he pulls his fingers away, he wants the mucous sucked out. I am not good at this signal so mostly I get the nose part and he has to write SUCK on the paper before I catch on.
5. FACE-This all five fingers moving around, like the sign for the “face of God”. Kinda cool.
Now this sounds like a great plan. My concern is that when we get out of here, we will be having a nice dinner with one of you, our many friends, and he will want to drive me mad and say “1,3” in the nicest of voices and when I say, “In your dreams!”, our hosts will not understand that he just asked me to “Kiss his butt!”

I keep you posted on how we do with this…but the doc said even with surgery tomorrow, they may pull his tubes today!

2 thoughts on “Day 03 Sign Language

  1. Sounds like everything is all coming along! Good to hear Ed will be visiting. Keep up the postive energy, Aunty you are doing an amazing job! Love you both, take care and lots of hugs and more love from my way!



  2. Hi Myrna,

    So happy to hear the encouraging news regarding Layton’s progress. Sounds like he’s giving the group down there a run for their money. And honestly, you tell Layton that since we know what those hand-signals mean now… we’re on to him if he incorporates any of them into his next ACN Training on Saturdays!

    We miss you guys and are anxious to hear all of your further updates. Oh, and Bill has threatened to throw on the wig again and have “Veronica” swing down there for a little visit to brighten Layton’s day. Personally, I’m not sure if Layton (or any of those male nurses) are fully prepared for that! That could result in additional medication being administered. Maybe we’ll hold off on that for a bit.

    Give the big man our love. Hugs to you both,
    Karen and Bill


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