Day 01 Surgery 1 almost done

The “rib” doctor just came by and putting in the plates went well. He was “really smashed up” and way worse than they thought based on the scan. He is plated to the midpoint in his back, but they could not do anything with the upper ribs. He is now breathing as a “unit” and the anaethesiologist (?) is pleased.

His lung should heal fairly quickly as it was punctured. Much of the tissue in the area was also punctured due to the multiple fractures. Yeah!

9 thoughts on “Day 01 Surgery 1 almost done

  1. Layton ,,, I just read the airbag article… hindsite is 20/20 but maybe you should have considered male implants… get well soon …


  2. So with all these plates added to his torso, will he look like a superhero? I’m picturing SuperDad with his plated chest puffed out, cape flapping behind, (okay maybe we’ll skip the spandex super suit) off to rescue yet another of his kids from some silly pickle they’ve gotten themselve into, you know, like cars breaking down in foriegn places when they are completely broke or something… 😉


  3. Hi Layton and Myrna,
    My message from yesterday didn’t go through so I’m trying this as a test. Sounds like everything went well today, and good luck for tomorrow Layton! We are thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Can’t wait until you are home so we can hear the details in person.
    Love, your favorite sister,


  4. Hi Layton and Myrna
    Sounds like Layton will be there awhile but it amazing how quick our body can heal. Tell Layton he now can claim the title of “Tough old Bastard”
    Dennis Dale is really going to be jealous. Not like buying a title, you have to earn it. When the time comes for Layton to come home I will come and get him if you need me too.
    Thanx for keeping us posted Myrna. We are pulling for you guys.


  5. Hi Myrna and Layton,

    We are wishing you both the best. Stay strong and if there is anything you need just let us know.

    Al and Bette


    • There is something I need… a new yacht, any colour. I hear when they roll on you it doesn’t crush you as badly. Anyway I am recovering and should be good as new by spring. If you are in the neighbourhood stop by and thanks for your thoughts and wishes.



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