Day 04 Surgery 2 Underway-DONE-Went Perfect!

Well, they said it would be 7:30 and they were right on time.  Once this is done, he should get his tubes out and that will be a happy day!

As I think I have mentioned, Layton is the “golden haired boy” on the ward.  Low maintenance and appreciative.  The nurses have been having trouble with one patient who constantly wants to get out of bed.  So they are constantly saying, in very firm tones, “Get back in bed.”  Layton must have rounsed out of his drugged state to the sound of this so he wrote a note to Dean, his nurse, “Get back in bed??”  Like “What did I do?  I didn’t know I was getting out of bed.”  But Dean reassured him that it was the other guy.

The other thing that I noticed is the drama with some families…WOW…and then they expect the nurses to mediate.  Strange how self-absorbed some people can be. Suffice it to say, we have a very nice family and great friends.

This morning, Layton wanted me to give him water on the sponge stick.  I have been dipping the stick and then squeezing the water out because I don’t want him to swallow and have the water go into his lungs.  He became quite indignant, well as indignant as Layton would get, which means he wrote me another note, “The main man (Dean, I guess) lets me have water.”  And sure enough, Dean lets him.  He/we have a whole new appreciation for water.

When we told Layton he was getting his tubes out, likely today, in big bold letters he wrote, “DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD” OR “CHERRY GARCIA”, that special ice cream.  Those are probably good choices for a guy with a raw throat.

I got a call on the ward last night from Sam, the president of Star Riders Motorcycle Association.  He called me from California to let me know he was advising the Star Riders in Reno that we were here.  He gave me a number to call if we need anything…how nice is that!  That was through Don Shafer, one of the Star Riders in Kelowna.

I have been trying to contact Calvin, the fellow that was riding with Layton at the time of the accident.  But have just been able to leave messages.  When I told Shauna, she said, “Oh, so it really is a guy with a cell phone number?  I thought it was an angel and we would never hear from him again!”  I think Calvin, Jake (police officer), and the two Jeffs from the first hospital in Ely are all angels, taking care of our guy.  Interestingly, his respiratory tech today is named “Anjel”.

Well, I lost my travel mug for tea somewhere in this hospital so I am going for a walk while he is in surgery.  I am feeling really good about it.

9:15 and no travel mug and still no word on Layton…apparently the security guys may have my mug…maybe they have Layton, too, as right now, he has no passport!

So, what else has he been telling the nursing staff?  I guess he suggested to one of the nurses that she should bleach her hair so he does not confuse her with me!  They are all much younger so maybe he has gone back in time or maybe his vision is blurred from all the drugs!…he says his vision is blurred and I am hoping it is the drugs and just being vertical for so many days.

Years ago I broke my collar bone while tobogganing and the most memorable thing for me was that my mom said I looked “green”.  I was about twelve and did not know what it meant to look “green” so before she could take me to the hospital, I had to stagger over to the mirror and look at myself.  I guess it is this same morbid curiosity that makes Layton want to get a picture of his present state.  Ed is bringing a camera today.  Layton, sharp as ever, wrote me a note this morning reminding me that photos are not allowed in ICU so we will have to be discreet.  If you know Ed and I, that will be a challenge!  That will be my mantra today (at least til the pictures are taken), “discretion, discretion….OMMMM.”

Ten more minutes til Ed’s plane lands…but whose counting??

I think I mentioned the theme colour for this hospital is purple which represents, I read recently, purple and violet are colours of transformation, bringing peace and combatting fear and shock.  Good colours for our situation.  Even the Tranquility Garden has purple flowers, many of the same ones we have at home…which reminds me, “Boys, keep watering the strawberries, the flower pots, and my starter plants!!” and thanks, Carson, for mowing the lawn!!

Maybe I will write the next NY Times bestseller while I wait here…signing off before my rambling bores you all to bits and you don’t come back for the continuing saga and amazingly satisfying conclusion!

Surgeon just came out and I will write this quickly before I forget the terms.  He had actually broke the scapula spine (broke bone of the shoulder blade) and broke the glenoid (whatever that is!).  Surgery went perfect, two weeks til staples come out, six weeks only range of motion movement, x-rays, then physio.  Yeah!  This is also a teaching hospital so Layton was able to accommodate the student as well by having them display a lot of anatomy!  And it was a very interesting procedure for the surgeon…glad Layton can provide so much entertainment without writing anything or opening his mouth!

Getting home now depends on lung strength and getting all the tubes out…easily another ten to fourteen days.  That’s OK by me!  He is gonna be fine!

27 thoughts on “Day 04 Surgery 2 Underway-DONE-Went Perfect!

  1. Hi Layton,

    Katherine won’t let me have water from a spongestick either!!

    When I read the updates, I’m happy to hear how quickly you are progressing with your recovery. Looking forward to seeing you soon.



  2. Hello-

    I am a member of Star 305 here in Reno. I wanted to let you know that you are in good hands at Renown. I just had a friend (and my boss) go through there after his motorcycle accident. Broken ribs are a theme, I think… He is back at work and is ready to get back on his bike.

    If there is anything we can do to help you, please let Star 305 know! We are here to stick together and I am certain it is difficult to be in a new area while you are watching your loved one heal.

    You can contact me at

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


  3. Good Morning Layton
    I am so glad you are progressing so well. I know there are a lot of people saying prayers for you. Next time lunch is on me for you and Myrna


    • Just returning the messages from the blog. Thanks for inviting us to your birthday we really enjoyed it. Does it count as the lunch offered in your message or is there still one more meal out there for me?

      Take care now that you are a senior and another happy birthday.


  4. Myrna, No worries, sent an email to your email. You are where you need to be. Take care God Bless Layton and your entire family. Our prayers are with all of you.


  5. Layton – you are brilliant, and I say: go for the picture. When my daughter was 12-months old, she broke her femur and ended up in a cast that when across her hips and all the way down to one of her ankles. She was in it for a month. People kept saying: take a picture! take a picture! And I resisted right to the end. But now when I look at those pictures all I see is absolute brilliance – this smiling, laughing bubbling baby completely unconcerned. She is perfect today, and she was perfect then. And so are you! Love you guys!


  6. We are so glad to hear that the surgeries have gone well … and we pray that the tubes come out today for Layton. It’s amazing how we can take so many little things for granted (like drinking water), so thanks Layton for getting yourself all busted up and reminding us to enjoy what we have today and everyday.

    Stay well, stay strong!

    Hugs from Kelowna …


  7. Hi Myrna – all the Star Riders know about Layton’s condition. They want to know if there’s anything that they can do.

    We’ll get a hold of some of the riders in Reno so they can visit.

    I’ve contacted everyone I know and ther’s been a big out-pouring of ‘what can we do’. I think you’ll be getting lots of cards and blog comments, so the time should go faster.

    Marlene and I are leaving GP on the 20th to start heading to Charlotte…did you have any ‘hits’ on your hotel room?

    We will contact you on the 27th. If you’re still in Reno, we’ll start heading over to visit…otherwise we’ll head to Kelowna.

    If you need anything done around GP, just let me know.
    BTW – tell Layton I’ve got his/your plaque…it looks great, (he’ll know what I mean.

    Robin & Marlene


    • I have heard from some people in Reno and I think once Layton is up for a day or so, he will relish the company. Bob W is taking the hotel room so that is good. I am thinking we will be home by the 27th but will keep you posted.


  8. Hey Big Brother!
    Glad to hear the surgery went well! When do you get your Dairy Queen Blizzard? I hope you’ve been able to have something to drink by now and hopefully something to eat soon. You must be thrilled to see the messages coming in, isn’t it great to know how many people care about you! I am so glad Ray Bott sent you the note, as I couldn’t figure out who was in that picture with you. It is always nice to hear from old friends, isn’t it? (sorry Ray, I didn’t mean you are old, I meant you are a friend from “the old days”!)
    Take care Layton, and hang in there Myrna. We are enjoying the updates!!
    Love, Lori & crew


  9. Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone!…

    Mom, I mowed the lawn, not carson, he just pulled out all those mushrooms. i’ll water your plants now. or soon.

    that’s all good news too [: good to hear


  10. Yeah Layton.. to the good surgery, teaching the staff and beginning of the road to recovery.
    Myrna the information about the hospital etc. is great. I can picture the ward, waiting area and gardens now 😀
    Thank you for sharing it all.
    I love technology and the ability to know what is going on even from a long way away! Does he have his video phone with him? We could then leave him video messages to help pass the time!
    Anyways, thanks again Myrna and keep up the good work Layton!
    Cheers from Victoria.
    Susan and Stephane


  11. Layton…sounds like things are going well. Keep looking forward to that Dairy Queen treat! Also glad to hear you are still busy writing…You have to keep up the practice…if someone follows in your footsteps, you may have some competition!
    Myrna…You are a awesome writer and it is wonderful to receive the updates often! Keep up your positive attitude! You are doing a wonderful job (as always)
    Take Care!


  12. Hi Myrna
    We have been following your updates daily and are pleased that the surgeries were successful. Did you find your Tea Travel Mug yet? We have been reading one (or more) of Layton’s blogs in the morning after checking your updates. What a great way to start a day! Thanks for the laughs Layton. I am also enjoying the comments posted here! Sibling rivalry/teasing is alive & well! But…your lawn is cut & the mushrooms pulled.
    As I mentioned before, we are at the lake/cabin and will be here all summer. We are building a garage with a loft plus putting in a bathroom on the main floor. Grandkids!! It took us a couple of days to get over the shock of the price of this convenience…it has been too many years since we personally had something built! I am now looking for a “Fund Raising” project so tell Layton that if the pictures have potential I’ll try selling then on the “net” & of course return back a small residual.
    The weather has been awesome & the lake calm & I have been teaching John’s Aunt Margaret(80)how to paddle & maneuver a kayak. I told her that in a few days I will take her to a nearby river for the thrill of shooting the rapids. She laughed heartily, I take this for a good sign.
    Great updates, thank you, Love, Margaret & John


    • I am finally re-reading and relying to all the messages. Thank you so much for taking the time these were so encouraging for Myrna and I. I am not travelling far these days but if you are in Kelowna stop in.



  13. Hello Layton and Myrna, glad to hear everything went well for Layton’s surgery. As a little boy growing up in Rocky Mountain House, who would ever think this guy would be riding a big bike around America. He did fall off some of his bikes on the hill beside his place and came through the falls as well so give him a big smile for us,as I would think a hug would hurt.

    Mike Beck.


  14. Glad to hear things are progressing well. It’s funny how we can surely take the small things for granted, like water. In my experience working in intensive care that is the one thing most patients ask for first, despite all other efforts to keep the mouth hydrated. Anxiously awaiting seeing you here back home in our ICU as soon as Layton can travel. Godspeed. We will continue to remember you in our prayer times, and send healing energies your way. God bless you both as you continue to be a living witness even in trying times.


  15. Hello Layton & Myrna,
    Grateful to hear the mending is beginning & your spirits are positive. It sounds very much that Layton is the very gracious patient Grandpa always was. A person’s true character always shines through in moments like these. I wish you the very best recovery. May you be back in the saddlebags, when you are ready. I’m certain you will enjoy the ice cream like no ice cream ever before! Hope you find your travel mug Myrna and thank you for keeping us updated. Take care.
    Jodi & kids.


  16. Myrna, We are all thinking of you & Layton here at Capri. So sorry to hear about his accident, but also very relieved to know that he is on the mend. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Hope to see you home soon.


  17. Dear Layton and Myrna, Just want to add our thoughts and prayers, to a very long list of people who care and are concerned about you.Thank goodness for the internet and for Myrnas postings which have kept us up to date on your condition, Layton. We’re relieved that the surgery went well, and ,although there’s a lot of healing to be done, I hope the caring thoughts being sent your way will help you get through it. Our thoughts are also with your families who must be finding it difficult to not be there by your side. Big hugs to both of you.
    xox Bill and Joan


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