Day 06 Chocolate Therapy (with apologies to Dr Goldberg)

As of 4:00 Wednesday, the tubes came out.  We did not get to see the glorious event as the staff kicked Ed and me out, but when we came back in, tubes were gone and Layton was in a chair, belted in , but sitting more or less upright.  He got his first sip of water and after a slow start, quickly sipped his way through three glasses of ice water.  It was likely his first water since Saturday at noon.

The nurses had said that when he came to, had the tubes out, had some water, he could have ice cream.  So Ed and I headed down to Ben and Jerry’s and looked for Cherry Garcia ice cream.  Too lumpy for Layton’s tender throat, but Ed thought it was mission critical that he sample it for his friend so he knows what he is eating.  We got Layton Chocolate Therapy, Ed had Cherry Garcia and I got Lemon Sorbet. We quickly ate ours before we got to the room in case the nurses changed their mind about Layton and stuck his in the freezer.  An hour later, when all the action subsided, we got it out.

Giving him the smallest of tastes of his therapy, Layton’ s low voice growled, “I want to savour this.”  I have never seen him take so long to swallow 1/2 teaspoon of ice cream.  Took him about half an hour, but it was gone.

Removing the breathing tube has created lots of challenges.  First, Layton is having to cough up “debris” and suction it off.  Nasty! That is continuing and an important part of his recovery.  He often can’t find the hole in his face mask for the suction so there are moments of panic, at least for us.  We are getting used to reading the numbers for oxygen and breaths so that makes it better.  Heather (respiratory tech) is here again for this breathing test.  Yesterday was 684, first time today about 800…the goal is 1200.  Then we will know that his lung capacity is improving.

Layton got to have supper last night as well.  Clear fluids only.  Because he is so hot, we put his chicken broth on ice…yuck…but he enjoyed it.  He also got jello and apple juice.

A rather uneventful night.  I got six phone calls from a fax machine at 3:30 in the morning so I thought I might phone Dean to see how our lad was doing.  Dean said that Layton had just asked for a bath.

“Sure,” Dean said, “No problem.  We will do it right away.”

Layton looks at him in surprise, “You??”

Dean laughs, “Yes, you have me, we are not calling in any cute young thing to bath you at 3:30 in the morning.”

A day of remarkable changes…he started the day in really rough shape, had a difficult surgery, got his first water, food and ice cream in days, and ended the day demonstrating the good humor we all know and love about Layton.  Life is good.  Chocolate Therapy is better:)

One thought on “Day 06 Chocolate Therapy (with apologies to Dr Goldberg)

  1. Hey Layton, wow….you are a trooper buddy, have been following your experiences every day….amazing!!! A “sponge-stick”?????what the hell kind of a drinking utensil is that?? The last time I saw one of those ,they were swabbing a whole different part of my anatomy!! How long would it take either of us to get a buzz from tequila using one those???….like maybe the month of August!!!! I am glad you are out of surgery…safe and sound…keep up the great attitude…I’m thinkin’ ’bout ya


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