Day 06 Oh, What a Dance!

Thursday, June 11- no tubes, real water, semi-real food, and just 55% oxygen…who knew we could be so appreciative of all this.

Layton, as he moves through his recovery in a pretty drugged state, was pretty insistent that Ed give him a bath.  He has this thing for baths right now.  We just may, despite the rules, take a compromising picture of Ed “bathing” Layton, while Layton is asleep, of course.  He also is hallucinating a lot.  For a while, he was trying to catch flies off the ceiling with his mouth suction.  Then he saw dark orange snakes coming from the ceiling.  Kathy wants me to keep track of these in case we can discover some deep, dark, strange secrets…will keep you posted.

The STRAW.  You have no idea how complicated it can be to get straw that suits someone wearing an oxygen mask as the most vital part of their wardrobe.  The styrofoam cup filled with ice water with a lid and flexible straw was just not cutting it for Layton.  He wanted a BIG straw-a flexible one, the kind you pick up at 7/11 or Wendy’s or McDonald’s or A&W or Burger King…only not in Reno!  What Layton wanted, Ed was determined to get.  So off he went-to all of the aforementioned stores…to no avail.  Then he went to a “crumby” fish and chip joint and finally, a grocery store, Sak ‘n’ Save where he got a package of flexible straws, a refrigerator bottle, and a mustard dispenser.  There is no end to his creativity!  In real life, he manufactures pressure vessels and piping systems, so when it came time to tape the Starbucks straw to the flexi-straw from Sak ‘n’ Save, he was the man!!  Layton was happy.  Ed was not.  So after, Layton exhausted himself by standing up for about twenty seconds while he got out of the chair and into bed, Ed and I hiked downtown to look for a straw.  Still no luck and we are thinking that by the time we have found one, he won’t need one.  We have put in a request with the Star Riders Club for a straw since they have offered to help anyway they can.

This is the R-rated part of the blog, but since Layton would say this, I might just as well disclose.  Men, when you are laying in bed in a semi-upright position, there are certain parts of your anatomy that you cannot scratch…and you may not be wanting your male nurse to scratch that part either.  So when Layton heard that Ed was out shopping, he made me call his cell right away.  Emergency, emergency, we need a “ball-scratcher”.  What is a ball-scratcher?  You figure it out.  Ed called back to me and was sure he had found the right one-it had a long enough handle and soft enough bristles.  How, pray tell did he know this?  He is a true friend, he “test-drove” it for his friend!

So back to the title, Oh, What a Dance!  In the twenty seconds Layton was up, he told the physio that was helping him that she was quite dancer and so was he…again, grateful that he could do get up and grateful for his humour.  More to come…wait til I tell you what the Star Riders are doing for us!

8 thoughts on “Day 06 Oh, What a Dance!

  1. That is one eventful ceiling he has! Tell him to catch one of those orange snakes for me.

    I’m sad to inform you that Dad is down one grandtoad (don’t worry, your grandcats and grandturtles are still fine). The little guy didn’t survive his field trip to the basement last weekend so we now have a vacancy in the terrarium. An imaginary orange snake is about all my dear husband is going to allow me to add to our collection…


  2. HA HA HA Oh my Good friends are hard to find! And alot of information in this story, I would say to much information…but its kinda funny…adds to the fact that we take alot for granted! Maybe You should sell “scratchers’ in the hospitals and make millions!! And the straws too! Now everyone will be mailing you interesting things for dad!! HA HA To funny


  3. Hello Layton and Myrna,
    I talked to your cousin yesterday in Rocky. He told me that he was in Montana last week and found out about your accident. We had a few laughs about how things were in Rocky when you were a kid and wondered why you would be riding a bike with a motor attached to it. He told me that he had an accident with a semi when him and his wife rode across Canada on bikes. He still has steal plates in his arm. Good to hear that you are on the road to recovery now, so talk to you again soon.

    Mike Beck.


  4. Your updates are amazing Myrna. It so great to see that you are using humour as part of Laytons healing process. Laughter is the best medicine. The support you are getting from your friends and family is also fantastic. The prayers are obviously working.


  5. Hi Layton & Myrna

    We’re finally back in GP without major plans to do anything but catch up.
    I put the information about Layton’s accident on the Northern Stars site just a bit ago and sent it to the local chapter of the CMC (Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers). I talked to Dave-President; he hadn’t heard about Layton’s accident, but he knows now.

    Marlene and I are looking at whether we’d be able to come to Reno on our way to Charlotte. We might have to try on the way back as I’m not sure as to whether we’d have enough time on the way down. I’ll let you know.

    Your updates on Layton’s condition are amazing as Jutta said previously, and we are all extremely relieved as to Layton’s progress.

    If you need us to do anything up here in GP before we leave to head south, let me know…I might be able to find a big Slurpee straw around here somewhere 😉

    Robin & Marlene


  6. Running into so many folks from GP that have heard of Layton’s accident….he is famous or is that infamous? Best Wishes, many ,many……best wishes.

    Bruce Little sends his regards, Glen Tissington remarked that he always thought that Layton was a very cool guy. Very cool.

    The list of those concerned and thinking of your family is long and we send them all to your blog site.

    Reading some of your stories over the last few days has been very comforting for me and I suspect others. As I read I can hear your voice. I can actually hear as you might pause, look down from that great perspective you have way up there and deliver a great line. A writer that tells a story in their own, authentic voice is a gift. A gift to we readers who hold you dear and need the reassurance of that voice. So thank you for taking the time to write for us, who could have ever known how important and comforting it would be us while you are recovering.

    Myrna your updates are generous and full of you. Your place of grace, gratitude and appreciativeness is wonderous.

    So, to those of us are reluctant to write anything, even a birthday card, let’s get over it. It will matter, really matter.


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