Day 11 Restless Days and Restless Nights

Well, Layton continues to put the ICU/Trauma team through their paces here at Renown Medical Center in Reno. For the second time, his heart has decided to take a fast run up a hill while his blood pressure went to sleep. As you can imagine, this is quite frightening to someone who can’t talk (respirator) and has been in daylight (ICU) for nine days, lacking sleep, being in pain, with the only familiar thing being me. The doctor decided to settle him and get him on the road to recovery the best thing to do was to keep him heavily sedated. I totally agreed.

They are a bit surprised by the lack of change, meaning progress, with the left lung. Using my North America analogy, we can still only see the Arctic on the left side. It seems that the right lung has pneumonia only or as well-we are still waiting for results. Layton’s temperature is normal today, first time in a while. More decisions about other strategies tomorrow.

I continue to be impressed by the medical staff. His trauma doctor this week has been at his side working on him at 5 a.m. and at 9 p.m. and the nurses are kind, as gentle as can be, and apologetic for the pain they cause as they treat him.

The ward is very different this week. Last week, it was full of family drama. This week it is hugely busy, but the people, except for me, are different. Judy, the wife of the patient next door, invited Mom and I to have lunch with her and her friends.

Mom arrived last night. She is sitting here now, knitting away, offering counsel, asking clarifying questions to the nurses. It is going to be nice having her.

Funny, last night I had my most restless night to date. The good thing is I have someone to call-ICU. I can’t believe how cheerful these people sound in the early and later morning hours.

I get a daily quote from a fellow named Alan Cohen and I thought I would share it with you:
“Do not be fooled by waiting for the ending. Sometimes the middle is more important.”

So, for us right now, this is the middle. We are having “heart to heart” talks since it seems unfair that only one of us can talk….and then I know no one can listen in!  Thanks Dick and Ingeborg for teaching me this!

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and love as we go through the “middle.”

10 thoughts on “Day 11 Restless Days and Restless Nights

  1. Myrna, we are all praying for you guys. He’s strong, he has you and good care – you will all make it through and I can only imagine what Layton is going to say about all of this when it’s behind you!

    Always in our hearts….


  2. Hey Layton and Myrna,
    I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting the two of you even under the circumstances. You are both in Jeff’s and my thoughts and prayers. I know Jeff has told you that if you need anything at all, dont hesitate to call. Just remember we are only a phone call away.
    The Reno Star Chapter is here for you guys.
    Take care and get well soon.

    Jennifer Keddington


    • I can finally type well enough to answer all the messages. I cannot quit telling people how generous the Reno Star Chapter was to us and the support you gave Myrna was unbelievable. We hope to visit you all again one day under better circumstances. Thank you so much.

      I am getting stronger each day and will be back to normal in no time.



  3. Layton & Myrna,
    We are praying tomorrow will be a better day. You have both had a tough couple of days, but hopefully the medication kicks in and his lungs will improve. Layton is going to be overwhelmed by the cards and wishes once he is able to see them, isn’t he? Mom is wanting to get a passport so she can visit, so I will take her tomorrow to see what we can do. Thank you Rita for being there, Myrna and Layton will really appreciate your support.
    Take care and give that big brother of mine a big hug!!
    Love, Lori, Brian, Jake & Howie


  4. How interesting on the quote… we have a daily quote area on the fridge and ours is… “The destination is only the goal… The reward is found in the journey.” As bad as this all feels right now, there will be a time that you look back and see how positive this ‘accident’ has been. The accidental meeting of new friends, the accidental knowledge gained in an ICU, the accidental stumble upon a realisation of what you have in your life and ultimately, the accidental gift of acceptance and joy of love and family. I hope you find a happy place to rest your thoughts so you can rest your body better. Thinking of you…
    Gord, Mirella, Blake and the girls


  5. Hi Myrna. Here is something that might help Layton with the problem of constant light. My dad was in ICU a long time once, and the constant light is indeed a problem. It’s bad for the body and its natural ability to heal itself, because its biorhythms are skewed. Also, the brain needs the melatonin that is produced in darkness, for there to be chemical balance. So here’s what I did for my dad. I went to a fabric store and simply bought a wedge of thick, soft, dark navy blue fabric – I think it was a heavy very soft flannel of some kind. I cut it into a long rectangle, and folded it over itself 5 or 6 times, forming more or less the shape of an eye mask (except it was a rectangle). Then I laid it over Dad’s eyes when he was resting. It provided him great relief. Perhaps it would help Layton. If you get the fabric thick and dark enough, it WILL block out the light from his eyes, and that should soothe him a great deal. It did my dad. My thoughts are with you and I’m checking this website morning and evening, as I know are dozens of people who are sending love and energy to Layton and you. Hang in there, sweetheart.

    (I’m not going to keep adding that I’m Layton’s editor, because you probably remember that by now.)


  6. I love you Aunty, you are staying so strong! Your rock with tons of positive energy! We know this change has forever changed my life and I am sure of everyone elses for the better to appreciate and be more grateful for anything and everything we do with our lives. Keep staying strong and just breathe!!


  7. “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh…..pretty smart guy that Christopher Robin! I miss you both and look forward to you coming home!


  8. Myrna, If you need me to come there to help you out, just let me know. Kierra is in the proccess of getting her passport so I could easily get mine too. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Positive energy…rest….support….coming your way.
    Love you lots
    Shauna and family


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