Day 13 A Room With a View

Who knew that there is something called ICU psychosis? It is a result of patients being in a ward that is constantly lit up and constantly full of activity, plus all the other complications of drugs, poor sleep, pain…whatever. Room 127 was a bit of a dungeon with virtually no natural light. A couple of the other rooms had larger windows so we put “dibs”on the next available room and then kept watching everyone else’s progress. If they looked like they were going somewhere, we would go see the head nurse. Yesterday, the fellow (yes, fellow, they are all men here, does this say something about the differences in risk-taking by gender? By contrast, at my mom’s physio clinic is full of women, making sure they stay healthy…) was getting ready to move out when Layton went for the GI surgery later in the day. Yahoo, a new home! 124, for your info.

Speaking of psychosis, he wrote me a note this morning telling me the “Others are trying to escape.” Oh, no, psychosis! But indeed, the fellow in the next room has been trying to escape and Layton was just keeping me up on the ward activity. He has a nice family, too. Rolled his vehicle, I guess. Bob, with the nice wife, Judy, created a traffic jam on the freeway with his accident. The fellow who immediately moved into Layton’s room has nice kids-they showed me how to use the cell phone..

Speaking of cell phone, Star Riders came through again with a cell phone compliments of Cricket. Free unlimited calling to Canada while we are here! How nice is that. It is different than my phone so when I called someone, it said “mute” so I pushed the button to “unmute” and I was really muting. My apologies to Dorothy, Adele and Shauna:) The voice mail instructions are in Spanish and right now I have three voice mail messages that I can’t retrieve. There is a Mexican family here visiting someone, but I think they are pretty new to ICU so maybe tomorrow, I will ask for help translating the instructions. 127’s kids could not figure out how to change the language, which is comforting, since I couldn’t either. My cell number is 775-379-4500, but I don’t always get to it on time, depending on what is going on here.

Speaking of “view” (I am “speaking” a lot today as a tribute to Layton who can’t until the trach tube is much smaller or removed), we see the gravel top of a tar and gravel roof and an air conditioning platform, but the natural light is SO great to have.

We had company again last night, Liza from Circle’s Edge and Cathy from Star Riders. We went for a nice walk around the park across the street. Reno is getting record-breaking rain this month-that means two inches. But today the sky is clear blue, from horizon to horizon.

I was thinking about the Reno sky this morning. I had a good enough sleep that I got up to go for a walk. Just so you know, Danielle (our family personal trainer), I thought about doing the stairs in the parkade because that would be good for my heart, but I decided to do the walk along the river because that was good for my soul. What I miss about Alberta is the huge sky, what I like about BC are the mountains and terrain. Reno has mountains but they are far enough in the distance that the sky still seems wide open. The walk along the river was very pleasant and a great way to start the day.

I surprised and thrilled to see physio this morning. They worked with Layton to turn in the bed, get his feet on the floor and with the help of a walker, he stood for a couple of minutes. His sedation is being reduced and he is looking better. I am not that good at lip-reading yet so we still have the writing pad.

During morning rounds, I did the labyrinth again. What a lovely, easy way to meditate. The word “Namaste” came to mind as I entered the labyrinth. “The God within me sees the God within you.” So as I walked slowly, I thought about the “God” of the labyrinth, the Abundance I could see in the blades of bunch grass between the pathes, the leaves on the plants, the blossoms of the flowers. I thought about the Abundance of Love and Fellowship we have had in this journey. I witnessed Power, as I saw the bubble bees hovering over the blossoms and the weeds pushing through the packed sand. I thought about the Power of Layton’s spirit as he pushed through the pain and discomfort and the Power of knowledge used by the medical staff and of course, the Power of directed, focussed prayer.

The God within me sees, loves and appreciates the God within each and every one of you.

4 thoughts on “Day 13 A Room With a View

  1. Hey Layton. So sorry to hear about your date with the pavement. I only heard about it today, while reading the BKC.It sounds like you have the best of care, good family, friends & the biker community behind you down there. After reading Myrnas’ writings in your blog, it sounds like you are improving your condition. That is great news to hear! I had a buddy crash beside me @ 55 mph in Laughlin, NV. a few years back and it was a very chaotic experience but there, as always was some humour in it. I will E-mail you the story. Anyway, good luck & my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery! I am looking forward to hearing your next writing about the whole ordeal. You always make me laugh, as I can relate to all you write! Take care! Bean. (Grips up…Rubber down!) You didn’t listen to me.


  2. Calvin and I appreciate your blog. I gives us an opportunity to keep tabs on Layton’s health.

    We witnessed a bad accident eight days before Layton’s incident where a Harly rider hit a small car and went flying over it. With those two memories, I am certain Calvin kept a close eye on possible trouble as he finished his trip.

    I have had a few stints as a care-giver in a hospital room, and my thoughts are with you. Hotel rooms in your hospital. What a good idea. At Sacred Heart in Spokane, WA, the P.I.C.U. has a room for parents with lockers and various fold up beds and such. Even a microwave.

    Continue on your journey in peace. Our thoughts are with you.

    Pegi Nelson


  3. Thanks again for keeping us up to speed with things, Myrna.
    Very glad to hear about Layton’s feet hitting the floor, if only for a few minutes. Visible progress is always encouraging!
    Also great to hear about your walk along the river. I like starting my day on or near the water- went for a 30 minute paddle on Wood Lake first thing this morning- it always makes for a better day overall.
    Give Layton a “hi” from me.
    I’ve got a sticky note with your names on it on my monitor to remind me to pray for you throughout the day.
    Can’t wait till you both get home!
    Press On!


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