Day 14 A Relaxing Cuppa

“You’ve got your husband back!” were the first words out when I made my 5:00 am call to ICU. Leslie, the night nurse, described that although Layton did not have a particularly restful night, his pain was under control and he knew everything that was going on. All his bodily functions are working full tilt!

As I rolled over to go back to sleep, my brain was racing, “Tea, why, tea, why, tea, why!” I woke enough to ask myself, “Tea, why?” Oh, “TY, TY, TY.” Got it…”Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

When we got to the room this morning, Jeff Keddington, Star Riders 305 President, was already here visiting Layton. Jeff talked and Layton responded with notes. He thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

So far, his other notes today have reminded me how thirsty he is so we negotiated, a small sponge full every half hour, up from every hour. Tomorrow, I will work on every fifteen minutes! I also asked him if I could brush his hair for the first time in thirteen days. No problem, except then he wrote a note to remind me that was not a HAIR BRUSH, it was a BALL SCRATCHER. I reminded him the new marketing name was SCROTUM SCRATCHER. Maybe we can get a job doing commercials for it, sitting together like that nice couple that recommends the Extendz pills. Watch for the YouTube release in a few weeks!

3:00 pm  This is how I had envisioned my time in the hospital with Layton.  He is resting peacefully in his bed, having sat in a chair and stood and walked five steps today.  I am sitting beside him, having just read aloud the first few five essays in Emmet Fox’s “Find and Use Your Inner Power”, first published in 1937.  As he rests, I am reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, listening to lovely meditative music and sipping a cherished cup, albeit styrofoam, of my favourite cinnamon tea.  Mom sits in the background, knitting a scarf for my sister, Val.  How blessed we are to have this time together.

He is still on a pretty high rate of feed of oxygen (note my layman’s explanation).  Until that changes, no eating, drinking, or talking. I am learning more hand signals…but as I explained to Layton, I am an auditory person, not a visual one, so I am a slow learner.

Tonight, Holly from Circle’s Edge is coming to get Mom and I and we are going to dinner at Bavaria where Ed and I went a week ago.  It will be a nice relaxing time while we can’t be on the ward with Layton.

I find it fascinating how the world just keeps moving, a couple of weeks ago, I think we were somewhat convinced that it could not move without us.  It does.  Why has it taken me so long to really know this?  Rather than belabour the past, this will be a good reminder that I CAN step back from the outside life and have much satisfaction and pleasure.  Friends, I would ask that you remind me of this.

9 thoughts on “Day 14 A Relaxing Cuppa

  1. I am so happy to hear that dad is awake and writing letters again! The window will definately be nice to so dad can tell the day from night.
    I love reading your blog, and the last one about your walk was nice. The details in which you saw the beauty lets me know that you are taking the time for yourself. It is nice to stop and smell the flowers once in awhile, and sometimes life is so busy you forget! Now Im sure you will remember how important it is, as I too like those times. We are thinking of you always and I can’t wait until dad gets his pictures the kids drew. Love you lots XOXOXOXO


  2. Hi
    I just finally got to my email and learned of Layton’s accident. It’s sounds like he’s bouncing back. It’ll be a long road ahead but you both are very strong. I’ll keep this short tonight, it’s late. Take care of each other and remember you can travel far on baby steps.

    Ken & Gail Fitzsimmons
    Your Saskatchewan friends


  3. Myrna and Layton
    We are a week back from Phoenix and am getting to know you and Layton in this strange way.

    Character is the word that comes to mind in this testing time.

    Both of you would have gelled so well with the most extraordinary group we had in Phoenix.

    We wish you well from Ireland

    John& Imelda


    • I had looked forward to meeting you and attending your program. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to the blog. I am getting stronger each day and will soon be back to normal.



  4. Hey Layton, I was just going to wish you a Happy Father’s Day as well. I’m sure Kathy, Shauna, Carson and Liam are anxious to see you, but it sounds like you are getting closer to getting home with the progress you’ve made in the last few days. Carson, Priscilla and Liam were up and had supper with Mom yesterday and she enjoyed that. We are all looking forward to seeing you, so get your butt home soon!!
    Love, Lori


  5. Layton: It’s great to hear that you are once again showing real signs of improvement. I hope you know now that it is a real good hospital and not an old school house. See you soon buddy.

    Myrna: Your spirit is absolutely undefeatable. We should all take an example from you on how to keep our chin up in the tough going.

    Ed & Jodi


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