Day 18 – The “Bag ‘n Drag” Marathon

At noon today, Laura, one of Layton’s physios, got him up for a walk.  The challenge is Layton needs oxygen, thus the need for Don, today’s respiratory therapist.  Don got Layton set up with an ambu bag (like a big blue football that is manually inflated and deflated) to get Layton the breathing support he needs, thus, Don’s reference to the “Bag ‘n Drag” Marathon.  Previously, Layton was limited to about five steps from his bed, due to all the tubes and cords.  Today, he made it out to the nurses’ station, about thirty steps, before he got too light-headed to continue. They put a second hospital gown on him backwards for privacy-it gave him a faint resemblance to Batman.  When I figure out how, I will upload pictures.  For as long as he has been bed-ridden, he still has pretty good strength in his legs.  This is a good thing.

This week’s doctor has been talking to a doctor in ICU Kelowna and it appears that soon as a bed is available and they can book a medi-vac plane, we will be homeward bound!  We are really looking forward to it.  Sunday at the latest!

Today, there is a paramedic, Jacob, on a practicuum here.  He is helping our nurse and it is great to have another pair of hands.  He just turned twenty and is really committed and engaged with his new career.  He is working with the nurse on Layton’s trach right now and in spite of all the bells and whistles going off, he kept his cool!

It reminded me of when I went to the Grande Prairie hospital to have Liam.  There was a paramedic doing his practicuum there that night, too. The last time I had seen Darcy he was pumping gas in my car and now he was gonna deliver my baby!!  I don’t think so. My apologies, Darcy, but that was just too much of a mental hurdle for me to get over so I had to cross my legs and wait til you were off shift, which thankfully was the next day!

Tan, the great-natured male night nurse, was with Layton again last night.  He decided to get him up to sit in the chair.  “Whoa, man.  I didn’t know you were a giant!!  I would have been nicer to you if I knew you this big!”  This after he had been teasing Layton with the aroma of great take-out Chinese food!  He laughs so much, he is a pleasure to have around.

I got to go out with my new friend, Ingeborg, again last night.  This time we went for a walk along the river out of town and then she took me to see her house and subdivision.  Reno is a pretty city in a great area for outdoor activities.  We will be coming back to see our new friends and for Layton to see something besides hospital ceilings and pretty nurses!

For the second time, they have Layton on something called a “trach collar.”  Effectively, it blows warm air past his trach.  I have been bending over and getting the “residual” in my own version of an oxygen bar.  Yesterday, he only lasted 45 minutes on this and the rest of the day on CPAP.  Getting better and better.

Given how challenged I have been to upload these, I am going to get this one off now.


This is Layton’s latest note:

“Drop head of bed 1″.  Cover my legs so the girls don’t swoon!”

11 thoughts on “Day 18 – The “Bag ‘n Drag” Marathon

  1. Before you Myrna, I saw Layton drag lots of old bags around. It didn’t seem to be a problem then!!!
    Great to hear that your back on your feet Pal, and still with your sense of humor. See you in Kelowna


    • I am thanking everyone for all the comments made… that was until I read yours. The only old bags I drug around was those who needed a ride home after waking up on your half of the house… : )

      Thanks so much for all you did, you are a true friend.


  2. So glad to hear you might be home soon, although I, like Darline am upset that I didn’t get to Reno to visit. I think as you seem to have Lady Luck on your side, you better have at least 1 pull on a slot before you leave. Remember if you win, it was my idea!!
    Thanks for the updates Myrna. Your Mom and Steve had dinner at Mom’s last night, so your Mom was able to fill Mom in on all the happenings down there. We are all happy with your progress Layton, and remember you can always blame your singing voice on having the trach. All those people who didn’t hear you sing before will have such sympathy for you! Ha-Ha, I can say that because I can’t sing either!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Lori, Brian, Howie & Jake


  3. Hey there,

    What fantastic news! Can’t wait to see you both back home when we return from Charlotte. It’s 3:37 am on Thursday morning. We are just getting ready to head off to the airport in about an hour. Have just enough time to drop you both a quick note and then heavily medicate myself as I do enjoy the flying experience so very much.

    Mind you – what claustrophobic/agoraphobic person doesn’t find themselves utterly giddy with anticipation at the thought of being strapped into a metal tube and catapulted off into the great blue sky at an astonishing rate of speed. Oooohh – I’m all tingly with anticipation. Not.

    However, by the time the wheels of the plane actually leave the security of Mother Earth, I should be delightfully stoned off my tree on my medication and softly humming the theme song to “Gilligan’s Island”. Life’s simple pleasures.

    But I must dash. We will be thinking of you both, as always. It won’t be the same without you there!! Take care of each other and we’ll see you soon,

    Karen and Bill


  4. Greetings from Regina!

    Thanks Myrna for your creative blogs! It’s great to hear how both of you have turned a very difficult and traumatic situation into an adventure. Isn’t that what life is!

    Layton, congratulations on your fantacy about your legs!

    It’s wonderful that healing is happening! I hope it continues and that you are soon back on your feet.

    Layton, I recall you introducing me to one of your friends and saying we had a lot in common except that I’m not a biker. Well that has just changed. Thanks for your lesson Layton. I’ll try to ride safely.

    Prayers are still coming for both of you!



    • Thanks so much for your letter. I wish I was out riding with you now. The past few years I have been riding over 20,000 km per year without incident and in forty five years of riding this was my first major crash so I am sure you will have years of safe and fun riding.

      Talk to you again soon.



  5. Yay! I can’t wait until you are back in Kelowna again! We are looking forward to being able to come visit you!!

    Love you!!


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