Day 20 – In My Own Bed

How sweet it is!  The right pillows, the perfect softness, and the crispness of my own sheets.  Ahhhh…

The jet ride home was amazing!  Two pilots, an ER doctor, a specialty Respiratory Therapist, and a highly skilled ICU/Trauma nurse.  Tarmac to tarmac, we were home in one hour and twenty five minutes!  We climbed at a rate of 6000 feet per minute, compared to 2000 feet per minute for most planes.  We cruised at 43,000 feet.  It was smooth as silk in every way!  The only thing that was missing was the red carpet when we landed and Canadian embassy flags on the ambulance. We felt so important!

Layton had a good night.  He called me at 3:30 am to tell me how good he was doing.  I think he is relishing in his ability to talk and his gratitude for having a good night and some deep sleep.  He suggested that I do something for me this morning so I did.  Nyla, the fluffball dog, and I went for our usual hike.  The familiarity was great.

I did a lot of thinking during our hike.  I thought about how the support we got from Ed was so representative of all the support we got from all our friends, new and old.  I thought about how the support we got from my Mom was so representative of all the support from our vast families.

I usually hike these hills a certain way.  If you visualize, one trail going up and around the crest of the hill, and joining back to the original trail-sort of like licking up one edge of a lollipop and licking down the other.  Today, to symbolize the fact that we need to consciously choose our paths, I went up my usual “down” side and down my “up” side.  I want to remember this as Layton and I go forward.

I was about one-third the way down the hill when I realized that I had been so pre-occupied that I forgot to stop at the top and look over the hills, across the lake at the rapidly moving clouds.  Stop and smell the roses, Myrna!

I am always surprised by how much I learn on my walks.  I am surprised by how much I have learned through this experience and we are just beginning….  I hope our experience and the sharing of it has brought some value, some insight into your own lives.  I am thinking that tomorrow Layton will pick up with the blog posts.  I will plan to pick up with my blog that I started last fall when I did the Camino de Santiago Trail in N Spain.  I am pretty sure there is a link on this site to it.  This has been good for me, too.  Hope to see you all over the next few months.

15 thoughts on “Day 20 – In My Own Bed

  1. It is sooo good to hear you are both back in Kelowna- get healthy , I will be there to visit sometime soon. Thanks ever so much Myrna for keeping us so well informed,,,luv Irene


  2. There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home!

    Congratulations and welcome back!

    Let the rest of the healing begin.

    Brenda and Wayne Cotton


  3. Welcome home and thanks for sharing your journey….truly amazing and thought provoking…
    Welcome back to the street and the neighborhood and to familiar surroundings…
    Like was said before…Let the rest of the healing begin!!!


  4. Welcome home to you both. As you let the familiar surroundings and feelings wash over you in a peaceful wave, remember that all of your “extended family” is a part of that environment. We all love and support both of you as Layton continues to heal.


  5. omg! YOU’RE HOME! I can only imagine how wonderful it was to hold the boys, squeeze Janine, rub Nyla and chat and catch up with the rest of your family and extended family and friends. I’m so happy I’m verklempted. (spelling? sound it out)See you VERY soon. Talk to you sooner.


  6. It always feels good to come home, and I cannot imagine how good the comfortable fit of being at home must feel to you! Enjoy, heal, and know we are thinking about you,
    Darla and Bill


  7. Dear Layton and Myrna,
    This July 1st will truly be a day for celebrating….you’re finally home. How wonderful!Myrna, I want to add our thanks to everybody elses for taking the time to keep up Laytons blog and therefore keeping us all up to speed on how Layton has been doing. I hope you have received the same comfort in writing about Laytons progress as we have received by reading your daily updates. Your writings have been inspirational. Layton…what can we say but “Thank you ,God” for giving you the strength and courage to fight your way back through all your pain and suffering. You are both an inspiration and the “poster children” for what inner strength is truly all about. We look forward to seeing you back “on-line” . Best wishes for continued healing. xox


    • Joan your message was so important to me. Even though we have not seem you much the past few years I still consider you two among my very best friends and your words were so kind. It will be some time before I get back to GP but will call you when I do.



  8. So glad you’re both home – not as glad as you two must be but that I can’t really imagine. I was very curious about the jet home so thanks for covering that. I’m heading East on Friday morning so would love to see you before then. Let me know.
    More Biglove


  9. Great to see you home…I’ll bet the Canada Day celebration was extra special this year …All of the best in care and successful healing….
    Darwin & Betty


    • I can finally type enough to thank everyone who took the time to send me messages, they were so welcome. Canada Day was special this year as is every day since. Now someone in the family can challenge you for the title of the bionic man as I bet my scars are bigger than yours! Hope you can come this way one day as it will be some time before I am in Edmonton… or anywhere. I am really feeling good but run out of steam quickly but that should come back in a month or so.

      Must run for now, good to hear you are enjoying retirement and family.


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