Day 36 Aug 10 – Summer flies when you are having fun… :)

Finally I can use the left arm well enough to type so today I am trying to thank the 300 messages and well wishes I got on the blog.  That should be a test to how well it works.  I am just so grateful for all the friends who offered support to Myrna, the family and me during this time period.  It has been a life altering event.  I especially want to thank all those who also took the time to visit us here at home.

Today’s message is short but I have a ton of material to write future article about and I hope you will continue to read them.  I currently have two books being edited and two that should be ready to edit by year end so I hope you will find something there that interests you.

For the most part life is good and the support we received unbelievable but now it is time to deal with administrators.  When the Doctors from the US delivered me to the Kelowna staff they gave them two large files one for them and a copy.  Myrna needs a copy before the insurance company will pay but the hospital seems to have lost the files. So still no support from the insurance company.

In the mean time according to the insurance company for the bike, the three day old motorcycle is worth $4,000 less than what I paid for it as they don’t cover accessories.

So I must be getting back to normal listen to me whine and it is only money, the important things are all well.  I promised myself I would not do that anymore.  Thank god for all the support workers, police, respond workers, hospital staff, friends, family and you, this has been a journey and I am now looking forward to the future.

Talk to you soon.

4 thoughts on “Day 36 Aug 10 – Summer flies when you are having fun… :)

  1. August 10/09
    Hi Layton:
    Good to hear that you are progressing
    Bet that feels good. Nice to know that you will be back writing again soon. It all takes time, but remember one thing:” Nothing worthwhile is ever done in a hurry.”
    Keep up the progress & Take Care.
    Bye for now
    Marietta Dickison


  2. Good Morning Layton
    It was great to hear the sound of “recovering”….griping! Have you ever tried to calculate ALL the Insurance premiums that you & Myrna have paid over the years…personal & business? Is the Term “Premium” making the grade in your expectations? Or in this case is the Insurance “Premium” based on the theory of “Diminishing Returns”?
    Food for thought,
    Margaret Anderson


  3. Great to hear you’re on the mend.
    Keep up the great work, I look forward to your new books (you could probably write a whole new one just on this year) and best of luck.

    I’ll pass along your sage advice to the group.

    Best wishes.


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