Day 06 – Accident coverage

Today is Friday, actually six days since the accident. Aside from Layton’s hallucinations, the last day has been thankfully uneventful. But great things are on the horizon!

A few days ago, I got an email and two phone calls from the local Star Riders Motorcycle Club. I believe they were notified of our circumstances by Star Riders Don Shafer (Kelowna) and Robin Peterman (Grande Prairie). Jeff K and Michael V both called to see what they could do to help. It seems like we are being pretty well taken care of but Ed had a great idea. Layton is quite concerned about his computer, I am concerned about his passport and he arrived at the hospital here with pretty much the same assets he had the day he was born. Ed suggested that I ask the Star Riders if they could figure out a way to get his stuff to us from Ely, a five hour drive away. I don’t know how they are doing it but Saturday or Sunday night, it will be here. I talked with Jeff again today and the Star Rider ladies are also taking me for dinner Saturday evening. How nice is that! Jeff also made a point of talking to Layton on the phone today as well. I think it was difficult for him to understand Layton with the oxygen mask on, but that was a special touch that I really appreciated. Prior to this, I did not know how I would get the stuff and the writer is really concerned about his stories.

I finally connected last night with the “Angel with the Cell Phone”, Calvin Nelson from Pasco, WA. He explained how they met up (just a wave on the road), had lunch together, went to the Nevada Hotel (something important for bikers, I guess), and then shortly after, the accident. Calvin was able to stop some cars who called 911 and one lady in the second car seemed to know what she was doing and took charge making sure Layton could continue to breathe. I don’t have her contact information yet.

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