To blog or not to blog, what is the real question? I first started blogging on about five years ago then I had the big accident and while in hospital, my wife, Myrna took over the blog to keep everyone up to date as to my progress. Within a week she had over 15,000 people reading her humour. That’s right, while I lay dying she showed how truly funny she can be.

Then again, shouldn’t she be funny, isn’t that what life is about? Life is too short to be taken seriously and as we sit on the thin crust of this hot molten mass hurdling around a ball of extremely hot burning gasses at a speed of 70,400 MPH from which none of us will escape alive… so what’s to worry about… why not relax and enjoy the trip.

So after a three-year hiatus from my blog I tested my funny bone and as it is the one bone that is not covered with titanium, I decided to come back and I hope you will once again join me.

These blogs will not be about motorcycles but about how one baby boomer views the funny side of life in the Okanagan. Reviews what is going on and hopefully shares a smile or some new info with you. Before I leave the topic completely however I want to share this story about a young lady that left Starbucks down town last week. She had on the skimpiest of bikini’s I have seen in some time. As the titanium has left me with a hard body as well, I thought of jumping out of my car and ripping off my shirt so she could see my deeply carved scares, but too late she pulled on a helmet, jumped onto a sport bike and rode away. My crash broke most every bone on my left side but I did not have a scrape, scratch or contusion because of my protective gear and yes it was in the Nevada desert so it was hotter than here. Can you imagine the pain she would feel is she just locked up a front wheel at 10 miles per hour and dumped her bike? Skin does not slide well on pavement and rubbing it off with fine gravel is painful. I tried to share this story with another young crotch-rocket pilot but was told she was very careful and a good rider. After 46 years of riding I learned one thing, there are only two kinds of riders, those that have spilled and those that have yet to… be prepared.

On to funner things!

June is of course tax month… the one month when you really do feel your home is a castle and judging by the tax notice, the city seems to agree!

While real estate is still a little slower in the smaller communities it is picking up speed here in Kelowna with sales up for June higher than the two previous years, while the number of listings is lower and the average price has moved up slightly from $456,580 last year to $475,019 this June.

So what does this all mean? Nothing if you aren’t buying or selling at the moment as the market is always changing so relax. If you are buying it is a great time, as it appears prices will continue to move up. If you are selling it may also be a good time as the number of listings is down slightly which is what drives prices up and gives your home less competition.

MARKET SECRET! A new line of homes is about to hit the market, called Robin Hood Homes…. They each come with a little John!

One last thought about Real Estate…

As Century 21 Assurance Realty is sponsoring me, I thought I might throw in some obscure real estate references as well but please note I am not a licensed realtor and these comments are not necessarily the views of the Century 21 Canada, Assurance Realty or any of the Realtors associated with them, their family, friends or people they have passed on the street.

In other words if you do not like what I say, find it offensive or just plain dumb, chances are they do too. So direct your comments to me.

That is it for today!

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