Ohh… Canada…

Considered at the time the most advanced supersonic interceptor aircraft in the world, the Avro Arrow was nevertheless cancelled by the Diefenbaker government. The first Avro Arrow is pictured here about to land at Malton Airport in Toronto during an early test flight. Photo: AVRO Newsmagazine Special Edition, 1958 Originally published March 26, 1983, CBC released the picture in 1979/1980 to promote a current affairs documentary.
(/Avro Newsmagazine)

Oh Canada… if we had to colour our politics it would be grey.  Not black, not white, not colorful, bright or effervescence but dull, boring, grey. This is an opportunity for Canadians to change that. Mr. Harper lets not blow it again!

I am talking about the pitch to build a new Avro Arrow. I know the liberals well get behind this because it was the one good idea they have had but in 1959 Prime Minister Diefenbaker killed it for purely political reasons. Perhaps it is time we acknowledged what a mistake that was and seize this opportunity not to make it again.  Lets show the world what Canada can do, it is not a case of which party had the idea.  For those too young to remember, watch the movie the Avro Arrow before deciding, it still makes me angry at the conservative government of the day.  I guarantee that most other pilots will support me as this is still often the subject of hanger flying.  This proposal should be seriously looked at if for no other reason than the unifying force it would give Canadian’s.  Imagine an icon we can all be proud of.

I know the NDP will oppose it so it is a good idea.  I was in debate with several of their supporters recently who accused me of sitting on the couch while they were saving my rights by gathering for a protest.  I am sure they will protest this idea as well because in their view we don’t need fighter jets, after all if we are attacked they are willing to gather on parliament hill and protest until the invaders go home.

According to Ret. Maj. General Mackenzie this redesigned aircraft will be produced cheaper and in Canada injecting our investment into our own economy, it will fly 20,000 to 30,000 feet higher, go considerably further on a tank of gas and twice as fast as the F-35.  Most of which was proven in tests by the original design 50 years ago.  Throw in new technology and power and the sky is not the limit.

There are two problems with this proposal.

1. It does not have Stealth capabilities. I think Mr. MacKenzie answered that sufficiently but he missed one big point.  Stealth Capabilities is so the enemy can’t see us coming.  Good news we shouldn’t be coming.  We need fighters to defend our own air space not attack someone else.  Lets worry about Canada for a change, rather than running off to interfere in someone else’s country.

2. The biggest problem will be once again we are threatening to embarrass the Americans with a superior product.

There are serious business people looking to back this project so the very least we should do is take the time for an independent and serious review of the proposal.  Lets put some colour back into our politics; let’s not be afraid to build something superior to anything else on the planet.

Lets let the Arrows fly!

3 thoughts on “Ohh… Canada…

  1. Canadians are just as smart, capable and inovative as anyone in the world. Our only problem is we have an inferiority complex being next to the US. Let’s be bold and show the world what we can do.


  2. Yes Layton, I agree, the topic , Avro Aero, deserves much debate. Unfortunately, our big country is run by very few people. Morley Muldoon


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