One Lovely Blog Award?


The Lovely Blog Award?

Before today I had never heard of it.  Then I saw that Charliecountryboy’s blog was nominated, then lo and behold he then sent me a note saying he was nominating me?

Although I have dozens of stories on my site in a most confused and disorganized way, I am new to this media and was mainly using it to send stories to my friends.  I had no idea other people might want to read them and few did until I crashed and died and my wife high jacked the blog to keep everyone up to date about my resurrection, but I digress.

Thank-you Charlie!  Just having someone I don’t know read my material is a reward but having you nominate me for another one is fantastic!  Just one question… what is it?  Will I have to attend an evening in a new suit?  If so I hope it is near you in England as I haven’t been there since 1970 and it has probably changed.  If I win do I have to thank my Mom? I googled the award to find this and more out but all I discovered was several thousand other people who have great blogs with many followers many nominated several times, so I guess I am a little soon in writing my acceptance speech, still your thoughtfulness is appreciated.


5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award?

  1. Well, Layton, it is a very different blogging world since you took some time off to heal. So, what you must do now is go to Charliecountryboy’s blog and on the page where he nominates you, you leave a comment thanking him. Then you do all the things that Charlie outlines as requirements for the award.
    After you get a few of these awards, you run out of blogs to nominate, so you do what I do and create an awards page and then call it a day.


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