One side or two?

Chicago the home of Scare Face and scares in other places have billboards for Valparais Vasectomy Clinic that offers “Scalpel Free Vasectomy, get one side done, the other side is FREE!.  

So I posted it on Face book with the question, “Who would plan on only getting one side done?”  To which my quick witted cousin Rick responded, “Yeh… You’d have to be half nuts!”

As we drove across the northern states we noticed that most states on route have signs claiming some association in with Lincoln, where he was born, where he gave his first speech, where his first log home was and where he grew his first beard. There was only one sign claiming it was the hometown of Regan and another billboard with a picture of George W. that said, “Do you miss me yet?”  To which most people have answered yes, but our aim is getting better.

To day is Saturday so it must be Wyoming, 11 states in four days is too much. You can’t see all the interesting things in Iowa in that time and you can look at most of it from any part of the state. It really is a place where you can see the bus coming for two days. But enter South Dakota and if you are a history buff the excitement builds.  The Bad Lands are unbelievable and there is one Back Road you really must see! 

If coming from the east the loop ends at the town of Wall which is also a must see.  You will first know you are approaching Wall about 500 miles out when you see their first sign in the ditch proclaiming that Wall Drugs have something you need.  From then on it is one interesting sign after another telling you about their ice cream, fudge, fresh donuts, large T-Rex, the waterpark, boots and hat store. There is also a bakery of tasty treats, a restaurant that holds over 500 people and several million dollars of western art.  There is a full assortment of souvenirs, local books, some historic relics although most have now retired and been replaced with good -looking young people.  There are interesting antique and unique pieces of the old west, and did I mention the ice cream fudge and donuts? And the so the list continues.  In any event it is a great stop and the treats are great.

This route through the northern States shows the ingenuity of the American People when faced with a challenge.  With the down turn in the economy they have created some very unique business opportunities.  There are more museums than anywhere else I have been.  Antique Museums by the dozens, a Petrified Forest museum, old tractor museums, old car museums, a museum featuring a Motorcycle Elvis might have owned, a guitar he might have played and strands of red hair that might have been his?  There are museums of western art, none as good of course as what is displayed in the cafe in Wall Drugs, which include bronze pieces by Charles Russell, Honest!! 

I am hoping if I plug Wall Drugs enough times they will give me a free donut and ice cream the next time I stop, even if it is only the same deal offered in Chicago, where I pay for one side and they give me the other.

What for more on my cross US venture.

Remember; keep cruising the Back Roads of your county and your mind!

George Washington overlooking our mobile home on the back road of Mt. Rushmore.


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