Wake Up America…


When I heard that 18 elementary school kids and 9 adults were murdered today, I knew it had to be in a western or at least a civilized country because this happens everyday in the third world and it seldom makes the news.

The second thing I knew was the country had to be either Mexico or the United States as all the other civilized countries combined don’t have as many of these kind of shootings as the US. Last year, handguns killed 11 people in Japan, 18 in Great Britain, 18 in Sweden, 173 in Canada, 30 in Australia, -158 in Germany, and meanwhile, 30,000 people in the US died from firearms.  More Americans die from accidental gun deaths than most countries have in total.

So before I hear from members of the NRA, that obesity kills people but we don’t outlaw spoons or drunk drivers kill people but we don’t outlaw cars or some other ridiculous comparison, let’s review what we know.  No one has broke into a school and forced any students to eat to death.  Anyone caught drunk driving is charged because of the danger they pose being possession of a car while drunk and the same should be for anyone packing a gun. No other civilized country allows citizens to carry assault or rapid-fire guns, why is the US so backwards?  Why is it almost as bad as Mexico?

I know the US passed the second amendment in 1791 to allow all citizens the right to bear arms because there was a fear that Britain might invade the colonies again.  Well, the good news is the British aren’t coming and the bad news is in 1791, there were only single shot ball and powder muskets and lawmakers did not envision the types of weapons of mass destruction that are now available and being packed on the street for no particular reason.

Before I am called pinko or commie or some other insult, I should say that Canada tried to set up a long gun registry and it failed and I for one opposed it because I have three rifles, and lived in the north where these guns are still used by ranchers, farmers, hunters and trappers. Guns in the rural part of this country are still used on a regular basis, but assault, semi or fully automatic firearms?  These types of guns are designed for only one purpose and that is to be concealed and used to kill people.

So why do ordinary American citizens need to be ready to mass kill other citizens, when no other civilized country needs too? The answer is simple FEAR!  Most Americans fear being killed by a terrorist, even though the odds are 150 times higher that a policeman will kill them.  Why the fear? People remember almost 3,000 people were killed in 911because they are reminded daily but forget that as many have been killed ever month since that event by guns.

Americans gun supporters say that criminals will still have guns, true they do in other countries as well, but in other countries guns are harder to get and being a crime to carry them means fewer criminals walk around with them as it gives police immediate reason to arrest them.

The truth to why most Americans feel they need a gun is fear.  Fear is the easiest emotion to use as a motivator and the question is who is using it and why?  There are billions of dollars being made by the manufacturers of guns and ammunition and frankly, they don’t care who is being killed.

As well, the group with the easiest access to guns is young American men who trained to kill without conscience by the military.  They are then put into wars that make no sense or are not threatening to the US where they witness the most horrific deaths and are then returned to the US where many are forgotten, their traumas untreated and given access to guns they use when the frustrations of trying to return to normal life overwhelms them.  Add to this the growing drug problems that are creating additional mental health issues and the NRA’s insistence that everyone should be armed.

It is time for the American people to wake up and join the rest of the civilized world.  It is time for the government to buy back handguns and assault rifles. For those who wish to turn them in, it would be safer in the long run.  Put new laws into practice that outlaw assault and hand guns in public areas and stop the sale of new guns.  Let the hunters keep their rifles but get all others off the street, there is just no need for them to be in the communities.

In the memory of 18 young children, take a minute and ask is this worth the price of letting your neighbours arm themselves?

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