California Dreaming


California Dreaming on such a winters day…

I am sitting in California writing a midnight blog.

Not the California of the Beach Boys, hot cars, hot sand, surf and hot bikini’s but northern California where snow does fall.  As we drove between Erika and Redding the snow began to drift gently down making the nights before Christmas magical, then it quickly became heavy and wet. Within minutes the wipers were flying across the windshield trying to keep up,

We saw a small car in the ditch beside the road, beside it a young guy with short cut hair was trying to wave us down and we could see his pregnant wife standing beside him was holding a small child.  Applying the brakes the motor home it started sliding sideways towards the same ditch.  All the Alberta winter driving paid off as I released the breaks gave it some gas and pulled the motor home back up straddling the crown of the road where I stopped.

The young man wanted to know if we could help push his car back up on to the road as it just slid off as well.  The problem was the right front tire was over the bank and the left rear tire was now off the ground.  I looked over the edge and could not see the bottom of the ravine, which I later learned dropped into a river but the lucky young family seemed, unshaken.

A large truck approached chains slapping the ground with other chains rattling on the headache rack.

“He will pull you out in a shake,” I said and then we watched the big rig weave through the line of cars and keep right on trucking.

I looked at the jarhead hair cut and said to the young man, “You military?”

“Yes sir.”

“Seems he supports the troops he just doesn’t want to pull any of you out of the ditch.”  I said and the young man smiled. I thought isn’t it funny that driver was probably a loud proponent of supporting the troops but when it came to action it took a couple of quiet Canadians to do the work.

A couple more vehicles stopped so using my ratchet straps we tied the car to a small jeep and with three guys pushing we got it on the road.

A couple of miles further down the road we pulled on to the shoulder beside a house with an open shed full of chain saw carvings.  A driver going the other way told us they were stopping cars ahead and not letting them go on because of the road and we would have to negotiate down a large down hill to even get to them.  Having the motor home we decided to just stay right there for the night and I reassured my 20-year-old son not to worry about the guy with the chain saw as I was sure they kept him in at night.   A short time later Tyler, another young man from Carson City pulled up behind us with his wife and small child and decided to wait it out as well.  We lent him a blanket, some Boost for his daughter and they bedded down in their car beside us.

A snow plow showed up before morning so the young couple returned our blanket and headed for home.  We settled in for comfortable winters sleep deciding to head out in the morning light.

California Dreaming was never supposed to be like this!

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