Solving Major US Problems…

While in Las Vegas it became obvious that the US is facing three major problems, then the solution became equally obvious and simple so we are sharing it with you first!

The economy is in a mess, yet the solution is so simple.  If the US could just find another country to attack or war to wage then they would need more warriors, tanks, aircraft, trucks, uniforms and so on.  Suddenly all the people would be employed and companies that do pay some taxes would be busy and all the extra income the government would be bringing in would solve the cash crunch.

This strategy goes back to Buckshot and Bubba who started the first trucking company a hundred years ago or so when they were buying hay for $1.00 a bale in California, trucking it to Wyoming and selling it for a $1.00 a bale.  After some time they discovered they were deeply in debt and Bubba came up with the solution, they bought several more, and larger trucks.  They continued to lose money on each load but the plan was to make up for it with volume.   This is a strategy that many governments have used since.

The second problem seems to be around obesity but applying this same strategy the NRA has come up with a solution yet for some reason everyone seems to be ignoring them. No doubt you have seen their ads, “Spoons don’t kill people.”  If we gave everyone two spoons and encouraged them all to eat more there would be less food for the really fat people, plus really skinny people would become fatter.  This means fat people would lose weight while skinny people would look fatter so it would be less obvious who has the problem.  Not only is this brilliant they have found a way to also use this strategy to solve another major problem.

Drunk Drivers kill people not cars.  If we encouraged more drinking and driving there would be more accidents where drunk people are running into each other.  The more that run into each other the less chance there would be that they would run into innocent people.  The more they run into each other the fewer of them there would be for the rest of us to worry about.  Brilliant!  Why is not one giving the NRA the accolades they deserve?  Of course everyone focuses on their primary goal and that is solving the issues around gun control.

Mass killings would not be a problem in the US if we issued guns to everyone in authority.  Currently several states are looking into legislation to allow teachers to have guns in the classroom but is that going far enough?  What about arming the school patrol, the kids with the stop signs. If they were armed kooks would think twice about drive by shootings.  Ushers should also be armed to prevent any more shootings in movie theatres.  Preachers and priests should be armed to prevent someone from walking into a place of worship and open firing and now I think it is obvious that we need to put a machine gun on top of every fire truck and perhaps attached to every hose. I am sure Jesus addressed that somewhere in the bible, I just don’t recall the passage.

Think of how much safer America would be if every taxi driver had an AK47 on the seat next to him.  Now before you start sending me letters pointing out that the AK47 is not an American made, remember that most Taxi drivers are not either. In fact has anyone thought of making part of getting a taxi license a test on AK-47’s?  It might weed out people who have previously used them before and flag some potential undesirables. These drivers could then spring into action if they see something coming down.

The more you think about it the safer we could make this nation by arming bank tellers, after all that is where a lot of bad guys show up with guns.  Lets arm the meter maids who write parking tickets, after all they all ready have uniforms so they should have guns.  People at the airline who issue tickets should be armed as should bus drivers.  Lets not forget the hospitals, a lot of bad guys are taken in for wounds which could result in gun fights from friends trying to rescue them or from them using hidden weapons.  Every doctor, nurse, paramedic, and orderly should be armed, who better to keep us safe than the people who are entrusted to save us.  Oh and don’t forget the janitors, they see a lot going on while they move along the wall quietly mopping the floor.

Liberals it is time you wake up and join the cause to arm America.  Until everyone has a high caliber rapid fire, automatic weapon we cannot be safe!

It is time to return to the 3R’s of elementary school and teach these young people; Reading, Rioting and Rifles!  All grade two students should have to pass a professionals test in which they breakdown a M-16, clean it, load it and achieve a good score in marksmanship.

The rest of the world will once again be envious of America the land of the spree!

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