Should I visit a Brothel?

Did you see the discussion about brothels I had in my blog called “Chains… Chains…”  I told you about the coffee shop owned by a perky (pun intended) young lady named Starla, who started it in Beatty Nevada,  to fund her way through college to become a nurse.

When the topic of the brothels came up when I mentioned how many fancy names I had seen on Ranches along the highway. She exclaimed she was a good Christian girl who did not agree with the business model but then went on to tell me about the ladies who run one of the local ones and what nice people they are.  She said they are also licensed bars and they would be happy to give a person a tour even if they weren’t looking to become a customer.  Apparently they also have gift shops that sell souvenirs of the place.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to going so I continued on with my trip.

Now I have to return through Nevada and while talking to one of the young salespeople at the office and hearing his mind asking him why a 100 year old guy would want to go into one … he never said that I just read between the lines… I began to think perhaps I should add it to my bucket list.

I am not suggesting that I partake in the sins of the flesh but just a tour one so I could preach to others about avoiding the pitfalls and have the creditability to have seen them with mine own eyes!  Of course visiting one comes with a great deal of risk.  The risk that someone might actually read my blog and find out that I visited one.  The risk of having it slip out in conversation and being judged by others as well as the near death risk of having the wife not quite understand the visit or believe that it was only a tour.  That risk is somewhat marginalized by the fact she believes me to be like an old dog with no teeth.  I can bark, growl and carry on but I can’t bite anymore so everyone is free to pet me without risk.  In a way it would be like turning your dog loose in a large parkade and allow him to chase all the cars he wanted to knowing that if on the outside chance he caught one… he still wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Yes I think I will avoid it unless you want to hear more.  If enough people go to the blog and click like I will investigate more and do a follow up.  After all that would be an obligation I could not ignore.  I t would also boost my blog ratings so lets set the bar high… say 15 likes…

In other news….

Other Vegas Entertainment:

After a great and adventurous drive well documented in my earlier blogs we settled down into a large bedroom, two queen beds and couch, for less than $20 per night.  The prices jump up again about the 27th but apparently the 20 – 26 of December is not exactly high season. On top of the room costs five of us had prime rib with trimmings, a beer and a generous trip for under $50 (yes that is less than $10 each and it was a great cut of beef.) The stay was so economical for the first time in many visits I decided we should take in some shows.

The first show is something that every Peace River or Kelowna resident should be interested in. A young man named Marc Savard originally a resident of Grimshaw, Alberta, started a career as a hypnotist.  Having my own company teaching and performing hypnotherapy work I took notice of his career a number of years ago. Shortly there after I began to run into him or should I say his reputation in the Kelowna area and heard a lot of positive comments.  Getting away from regular sketchy barroom shows that so many hypnotists do, which tarnishes the reputations of the industry, Marc took an interesting message against drunk driving into the school system using hypnosis.  He hypnotized young people had them experience a party ending in a car crash with all the associated grief and pain.  His show was positive in that it had an important message then once again he seemed to disappear from my radiar.  The next time I came across his name was a couple of years ago in Las Vegas.  He had completed over 500 shows and had a daily show at the V theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.  I admired his courage as he had done what so many of us dream about… following a big dream.   I attended his show and found it was very funny and entertaining so I decided to attend again this year. We got tickets for Christmas eve and found the crowds were now larger and his show had become highly polished and professional.  Marc’s show  show is still one of the most reasonably priced entertainment events in the city and I highly recommend it. It is so inexpensive I suggest you buy the best seats available so you get to sit right up front.

Not only is the show great but Marc offers CD’s of the show as well as other information on hypnosis and meets the crowd as they leave the theater. Marc is eager to speak to the people who attended and is especially pleased to hear from Peace River or Okanagan people.  Tell him I sent you.

Penn and Teller

If your idea of great entertainment is having your intelligence tested with illusions or magic then you have to take in a Penn and Teller show.  The comedy duo not only calls out Charletons who claim to be magic, physic’s, fortune tellers, mind readers, or mentalists, but they also debunk much of it by exposing the tricks these tricksters use.  It is so interesting to watch them do what appears to be unbelievable but then have them explain how it is done.  Of course they keep their best tricks secret and leave you wondering but they don’t pretend to be anything other than illusionists and great entertainers.

Penn and Teller just signed a twelve year contract at the RIO to perform in the Penn and Teller theater so they should be around for your next visit. Again buying floor seats is a good idea, I skimped out on these tickets and although the seats were good they were in the balcony and some distance from the action.

The Beatles

There are two Beatle shows, one the large Love production which we wanted to attend but could not get tickets for and the other just around the corner froElvism Marc’s show, which is a tribute band supposedly named the best Beatle Tribute artists in the world.  The show was about ninety minutes of high energy from four guys that look somewhat like the four lads but sound exactly like them.  The music, costumes and energy is great and they encourage a lot of the audience to sing along.  The front row was filled with the same historical fans (SP on purpose as they are no longer 15 and all their hair is grey)  This was a fun night and my only suggestion is save money and buy the regular tickets.  We paid for up graded seating thinking there was a balcony again only to have the general seating people come in and sit next to us.  It is still a reasonably priced show and a lot of fun if you are over 50.  Having said that I am reminded my 20 year old musician son was with me and sang most the songs as well.  Funny what kids will learn growing up.

I am a little long this time but there was just so many important things to tell you.  Remember help me raise my blog profile by reading it on my web page and liking it.

Here is my debut as a tribute artist… should have tried to be the walrus!

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