Why you should spank your children!

I never spanked my kids.  They grew up fine, no problems, good marks (in school not on their butts), all attended college or university, one is even making attending university a career it would seem.  However in my day we learned to lie but somehow my kids are now brutally honest.

One told me the other day that I was fat and lazy.  Okay so he actually said he was worried about my health and fitness but we all know what that is code for and yes it is the truth.  In my day I would never say that to my father for two good reasons.  First because he wasn’t and second I knew the fine art of lying about such things.  Even when he was older and frail and I was 6′ 4, and 300 pounds I was shy, afraid he might spank me.  I can only actually remember him doing so once and with good reason but it made me nervous enough to live through the 60s as a quiet nice drug free young man while my sisters who he never spanked were/are wild and crazy to this day.  I actually just through that part in to see if any of them read my blog because they are also brutally honest and will tell me if the do.  Anyway I know it is too late for me to start spanking now so I will have to live with their short comings in the art of lying.

On the other hand those kids who now care for my grand children will ignore this advice as those children are far too precious and if they do something wrong they will be hugged, kissed and told not to do it again, the same way their mothers were.  The fact is I only titled this piece the way I did to get your attention and if you are still reading it obviously worked.

So today’s piece is rather short as I have to begin my new morning routine now so my kid doesn’t spank me.  Have a great day.

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