News From Arizona

Grande Prairie… Help me out a little!

Arizona up date:  Attended another party and was told they liked the last blog but then acted very proper so as no to give me anything to report.  You have to help me out here.  Even Barry Diederich acted like a gentleman!

Happy hour is becoming better as I am now showing up at houses owned by people I know.  Not to be out done by the people of Tissingtown, Tom and Mary Facette from Grande Prairie hosted an outstanding evening just down the road from us.   Like the Tissington’s their back yard is fabulous.  I can see I need to do a lot of work before it is our turn.

The problem with these happy hours is I fear becoming an alcoholic because even though I don’t normally drink much anymore, the booze is just soo cheap here it’s like being in a shoe store with a 75% discount sale, you just have to buy and then what do you do with it?

I found a sale on my favourite beer, Corona, which sells in Safeway for less than bottled water. Honest!  At the party I discovered that Fry’s Grocery stores have a great little port for only $7.00.  At home I can’t by a bottle of Aqua Velva after-shave that cheap. The port not only tastes a whole lot better, it is stronger an doesn’t leave my breath as sweet in the morning.  In fact I am off to buy some right after I bring you up to date.

Seems like everyone here has a gas fire in the back yard and it’s not really a fire unless you can make the flames jump about 15 feet high.  Tom is from the oil patch so safety is of the upmost importance so Dave built him a custom fuse link.  In the photo you can see a plastic cup overhead in the umbrella structure, which serves as a warning device. When the cup melts the fire is getting too hot for the umbrella.  Brilliant!

While at the party the town of Bezanson called to say it might have to cancel their casino next week because the entire town is here in Arizona.  Barry Diederich saved the day by offering to go home and work it but now the fear is they could have made more money if he just showed up and played.

Many of you know that since the accident I have struggled with some memory problems.  I keep embarrassing my self by forgetting people and their names.  I apologize to Cindy as I should have known you but there it was gone.

I was telling Dave Tissington about how frustrating it is and he told me that he used to have that problem but he took a course in word association and now he rarely forgets.  I am getting despite so I asked where he found the course.  He hesitated a little then said, “Tall flower, purple and yellow, blossoms in the spring, help me here, it looks beautiful.”

“Iris?” I said. 

“That’s it” then turning to his wife, he said, “Iris dear, were did I find that coursed?”

So it appears to be working and I am looking into it.

I am in hiding today, as I also have to have to get a shot in the buttock and Myrna normally does it so I asked if there were any nurses present an explained why.  There weren’t but someone quickly said that Stan Tissington has vaccinated a lot of cows in his day and if I would get down on all fours he could do it.  Had I drank a little more port I might have been convinced but then it was suggested he could give me a pregnancy test at the same time and I swore off drinking anymore.

I was hoping the Little’s were going to be there but they were a no show.  The reason I was looking for them was a few years ago I was at a conference with best selling author Dr. Bruce Lipton author of the Biology of Belief.  We exchanged books and Dr. Lipton gave me permission to us some of his research material in my new book that should be out in a month, called Sprit Doctor.  Last week I heard about an online company that sells used and next to new books cheap.  So for fun I logged on and looked up my book, Get Out of Your Way, and sure enough there were at least a dozen for a dollar each.  There were a couple listed in the high eighties and nineties as well?  Go figure. Anyway I am always giving them away and they cost me far more than that so I thought I would buy up the entire cheap ones.  Does that surprise you?  The books started arriving this week and some of them looked brand new, one didn’t even have the spine broke so I am sure the only time it was opened was when I wrote in it.. “To Bruce…” I guess Dr. Lipton didn’t have the same interest in mine that I had in his. 

Anyway I now I have this brand-new autographed book so I have to find a Bruce to give it too.  And that is the reason I am looking for Mr. Bruce Little.  If you see him don’t mention that his copy is used.

So to sum up the evening for those of you who did not attend or don’t remember if you were there or not; we had too much good food, too many good drinks and just the right number of great people.  These get together events make the thirty years of shovelling GP snow worth it.  I just hope that they don’t take offense to my reporting them and cut me off from future events.Image

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