Time to drop the smoke and mirrors, the Magic and hocus-pocus; This new season is a time to Focus …

ImageSix… count them Six times to the department of motor vehicles to get a plate and each time rejected because the dealer did not fill the forms our right.  The lady at MV had the right to reject it the first time then she decided to get picky and looked over each form closely as I brought new ones to her.

On two forms the dealership lady spelled the last name two different ways, she wrote the first name as Joann, Joanie, and just Joan.  Both A and J were used for the middle initials. Each time they wanted another form filled out and luckily the car dealer and motor vehicles were only 40 kilometres apart.  The last time I was at the dealership being as nice as possible because I needed this done today, the lady from administration, handed me back the documents and tore my face off telling me not to come back she was tired of this.  This being fixing her mistakes, listen up fellow consultants there is a need for a customer service course here. 

Motor vehicles on the other hand don’t have to be nice because where else do you go?  I can’t even go home to Canada or to another state without first getting the title changed to my name.  But I digress as I promised myself only constructive positive messages this year. So what is the message?  I am at the Phoenix open, bright sun, nice day and fun people while these ladies are still at work trying to bring someone else down to their negative attitude. Despite all this I remembered to tell myself, “I choose to be happy.” As well as remind me of all the good friends I have, so you too are a part of my wellness and I am so thankful to be blessed with all you who choose to read this.

And in other news…

I am rewriting my next book in positive light.  It will have chapters on the advantages of everyone being armed here in America, the up side of the banks having more empty houses than there are homeless people and how well God’s plan is working using the, bankruptcy, homelessness, mass unemployment and depression of ordinary citizens to scare the wealthy into believing that they too may soon have to pay taxes.  Keep the faith this should only take a few more years then as He said; “The meek will inherit the earth… or at lest the debt.” 

In yet other news Lennay Kekua is not dead as reported by her boy friend Manti Te’o.  The Notre Dame linebacker was in the news all week for having an imaginary girl friend, who supposedly died of cancer.  Turns out she only ran off with his imaginary friend. 

When my son, also a line backer, found an Internet girl friend in Porte Rico a few years ago and talked to her constantly, I teased him about who she might really be.  As it turns out she moved to Kelowna to be near him and I don’t know of a nicer or prettier young lady, so despite all the warnings, there are great people out there on the net.  In the mean time my imaginary friend is calling me for supper.

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