Trudeaumainia to Sweep Canada Again and Strengthen the West!

The west is about to get brought together again in strength of unity.

Pierre Elliot charmed Saskatchewan voters by asking, “Why should I sell your wheat?”  He was so loved BC that he gave them the middle finger salute and when wall street cried that too many head offices were moving out to Calgary he introduced policies that broke most of Alberta in less than a year.

In reprise the west sent Joe Clark from the west but before he could do anything the East brought his minority government down. The west next elected Brian Mulroney and I don’t have to point out how that turned out. The one thing that Mulroney did do was unite the west under either separatist movements or Preston Manning and the Reform party with their slogan, “The West Wants In”.

The Liberals may be a lot of things but they are not dumb so they borrowed many of the fiscal polices of the Reform Party platform deflating Reform support and for the first time in years our ballooning debt was addressed. Using Reform insistence on fiscal responsibly Martin became the hero for putting the country back on sound financial footings and even with the amounts he and his friends siphoned off for their own use, it was small price to pay in comparison to what he saved the country and we should forgive him.

Then the man who knifed Preston to take over leadership of the Reform Party, Steven Harper rose to power on the promises that the west would be treated fairly but in order to gain and keep the power of being Prime Minister he had to sell out the Reform Policies and western interests and united with the Conservatives again.  

I was labelled a blind, religious zealot for supporting Reform by people too lazy to investigate what they really stood for. I admit to once being Catholic although I am an aesthete. I am pro equal rights for everyone, women, men, and people of all colors. Religion does not belong in politics nor should the majority force their beliefs on the rest and Reform policies addressed my beliefs. 

I admit to have, to have being a hippy in the 60’s, to getting caught up in the hype and voting for Trudeau the first time he ran but never to have been so closed minded that as one person claimed has pledged support for a party and ideology for life without further thought. 

Perrie Elliot was the most divisive force in Canada and was not the answer to our problems then and his son is not the answer now. Young Trudeau, like his father has already made statement to create tension and fear alienating the west in exchange for enduring him to the mass voters in central Canada. 

Lets face it that is just politics as the votes all reside in two provinces and keeping those two provinces happy and ignorant of the problems out side of them and at the expenses of everyone else is what happens.  Leaders from any party who do cater to those central provinces never get elected and that includes those from Eastern Canada such as Joe Stanfield.

If you are younger than 55 and did not live in the west you might not remember what it feels like to be suddenly forced into bankruptcy because of arrogant policies created to gain the support and votes needed to rule and at the expense of the jobs and economy of a region.

Harper has also proven not to the be answer and the NDP certainly aren’t so what do we do?

The answer is for more people to open their minds, research the choices and get more involved than just voting.  I was involved as a campaign chairman, a party president and was one of seven people who vetted and promoted Canada’s only elected Senator, Stan Waters. Although Harper ran on the policy of changing the Senate he felt he couldn’t do it while he had a minority government and now with a majority he somehow seems to have forgotten that promise as well and nothing is really changing.

In the 60’s our generation held the sit-ins and protests claiming we could do a better job of governing the world, ending wars and protecting the environment!  We have been in charge now at least 20 years and look at how that turned out.  It is time for more young people to get involved but not ones who wish to cling to power by invoking old ideas or family heritage,… but perhaps I am preaching to the choir. 

Just don’t get swept up in Justin’s like the beliebers or in the Trudeaumaina of old, Justin Trudeau is an unproven product at this time, be careful.

For those who really love the west and want the best for it, research and discuss Cascadia as a alternate solution.


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