Something Inspriational!

Every blogger would like to give you something truly inspirational but with all the one liners from the start of history to today how do you compete?  Someone said Adam had it easy as all this thoughts were original, although some may argue he was just repeating Eave’s demands.  Today someone with a great deal of inspiration for the world died at 95, some say he is the only politician to ever be missed.  What ever your take he was a great man.Image

So how can I compete?  I have not posted in some time because I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the good information out there so surely you don’t need my comments then I began to notice that despite all the good advice, all the good examples, all the good inspiration we all need to be contently reminded and remind others that as a society we all have such a long way to go to reach perfection or anything close.

Everywhere you look you see people living in fear, believing the latest conspiracy theory about everything from the aliens that are already here running things, to chemicals being pumped out into the vapor trails of jets, to disputing the science behind vaccines, or anyone of a thousand other crazy things.  Yes there are things we can and should do, like make our governments work better and be responsible for us the people and put the power back into the hands of the people rather than the banks.  We need to learn love and compassion as said so articular by Mr. Mandela in the above statement. Atheists need to understand that there are questions about life that are still unanswered by science and religions or faith help people deal with these uncertainties and people of faith, religion or spirituality have to accept that their is not the best or only way to come to grips with these questions.

As we approach this spiritual time of year and I say spiritual because most biblical scholars now believe that Christ was born in the summer but the shortest days of the year have always been a time of celebrating new life among many ancient religions and is also a special time for other major religions, there is room for all of us at the inn.  It is time to quit using our various beliefs as a reason to fight each other.  This is a small planet getting smaller every day so lets begin to work towards a way to live at peace.  There is only one way to do that and that is through more learning about each other.  So few of us have ever taken the time to learn where our own beliefs come from never mind to learn what and why others believe what they do.  This too was summed up by Mr. Mandela:


As we think about what he accomplished in his life, lets think about what we could accomplish if we all just followed some of the example he set.

One final thought, some will look at this post and find all the spelling and grammar mistakes because I did not edit it or have my editors look at it, some will find fault in what I said but a few will read it and say “YES… I get it!”  and it will only take a few to change how we think to make a difference. 

No one is trying to take away your freedoms, in fact we can have more freedom if we make this world a better and safer place to live.  We can each profit more and to our own desire if we all have equal opportunities. 

We don’t have to put someone else down in order to raise ourselves up.

We don’t have to fear the government if the government is us.  Maybe it is time to become more active at your own local, provincial, state or federal level.  If one man can do that and change a country what can a thousand, ten thousand or a million people do?

Spend the rest of the year thinking about what you want your place to be in this country or world and how can you help to achieve that?  There has never been a better time for us all to prosper in health, happiness, finances, peace or love.

Although not Christian I am happy to wish you all a Merry Christmas and peace be with you.





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