By..By..Kidney By!

April 9, Myrna Park will be in Edmonton giving up a kidney for her brother.  I am thinking we should hold a by.. by… kidney party to see her off!  One of the most brave things a person can do is save the life of another but it is truly an unselfish thing for a person to give up a body part to do it and I not only want to honour her but all those who step up to do similar brave actions.

Myrna did not hesitate one-second when she heard her brother needed a kidney.  While being tested she understood, if she was not a match she could donate to someone else and he would move to the top of the line and she agreed to do that.  The testing takes several months and when a 100% match was found for him and she was only 50% she agreed to proceed with a donation anyway, then when the other person could not donate Myrna was already well into her testing and could still donate to him. 

After learning a great deal about the procedure and how many organs are needed and how long the wait can be for the patient, Myrna now tells everyone they should consider organ donations or at least filling out a card to donate in the event of their sudden demise.

I wonder why Canada is not like Spain where accident victims are automatic donors unless they choose to fill out a card to opt out.  This would give the organ banks the much needed donations and take the pressure off loved ones to make a decision at an emotional time.

As her husband I am sure I am more worried for her than she is as she has complete faith in the medical system in what it is now becoming a common procedure.  

Should we organize a By.. By… Kidney By  party at the Century 21 office and you would like to come let me know right away as we would have to limit it to the first 60 or so people.  It will be the end of the month.  In the mean time wish Myrna well.

The photo is a little old but I love it!


One thought on “By..By..Kidney By!

  1. Hi! I am very new to the blogging world and just now had some time to actually do some more searching for others like me. I have started a blog because I had my kidney removed in March and during that time, I found that there weren’t any people around me who could sympathize with my situation. So, I started a blog, in hopes that my experience would be able to help others. My dream is that it will become a forum for people to get support from other people who have had a nephrectomy, or for those who are living with one kidney. I am still learning how all of this is done, but hopefully, one day, all of us on here who have had kidneys removed can connect at one blog so that others will be able to get information from one place and find support when/if they are feeling lonely and concerned that what they are going through isn’t “normal.” I think Myrna is awesome for donating!! I feel terrible that my healthy kidney had to be wasted just because of an external issue. My blog is One Kidney But Not Alone. Please feel free to share it!


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