To Pee or not to Pee… that is a question!

ImageSo donating a kidney is easy eh? Just check your blood type, get matched, drop by the hospital they perform microsurgery and draw it out your nostril and you are good to go. Sounds easy.

They forget to tell you about the pee test. First you fast for 48 hours then drag what looks like a bright orange Jerry Can around with you for 24 hours peeing in it, easier if you are a man. Once you drop your sample off at the lab they send it out to Vancouver for tests, which are then relayed back to Kelowna who then send them to Edmonton for the doctors to look at. Now what you should know about the container is it has an acid in it which burns everything you splash it on and should you do that you start over. The second thing you should know is the container is about half a pee smaller than what you produce in a 24-hour period and it has to all be collected so if you go over again you start over. They fail to mention either to you before hand just for the fun of the lab assistances, who tell you to do it again.

After a couple of miss-starts you are on your way and after months of prep there are only three weeks to surgery. Two weeks go by and the lab calls Vancouver to see what is taking so long. “Oh you didn’t say you needed it right away, we will get on it soon.” They do so and send it back to Kelowna but a different part of the hospital where it sits another few days until someone finds it and which time the lab informs you they carried out the wrong test and you have to do it again. Surgery has to be delayed three weeks.

The second set goes to Vancouver and is returned with-in the two weeks but they failed to see a check mark for a very important test they did not carry out so the lab sets up a third sample and by now people are so used to seeing you with your orange pail they think it is a lunch bucket, fortunately no one tries to see any.

The third test goes well except a new person in Vancouver also misses this little used test and again it does not get done. We call the doctors in Edmonton and ask if we can’t just sent the sample to them but they explain hospital protocol says it has to go through Vancouver. The next day the doctor calls and says he is going around protocol send him the sample. Job complete.

The week before the operation the doctors call to say they have not received the Pap test. “What Pap test?” Myrna asks as it is the first she had heard of it. She goes straight to her doctor who had over looked the request and who explains it takes two weeks. The Edmonton doctor says they do Pap tests differently and can turn one around in 18 hours but will have to courier a kit out and explain to the doctor how to collect it. Finally everything is on schedule and we are off to Edmonton.

The plan is to meet with the doctors Monday and Tuesday and operate on Wednesday. Monday the doctor informs her the Pap test was done wrong but don’t worry there is a bigger problem. The two surgeons finally had a look at all the tests that morning and discovered some complications.

The plan was to determine which is the best kidney and give the other one to the recipient. In this case her brother. In an ideal situation they prefer to give the left kidney as there are less organs around it and the operation is easier but her kidneys are operating at 47 and 53 percent so almost equal. The right kidney has a stone so they planned to just take it, shake the stone out and give it to Wayne.

The problem now is they had a look at the MRI’s that were sent to them some months ago and discover she has more veins and arteries going into and out of the right kidney than the left. This means a trickier operation for Myrna plus a higher chance of rejection by Wayne, as there will be more plumbing to build and connect. They decide to cancel the donation until they see if her right kidney can have the stone removed and fixed then go back to giving him the left kidney. So they gave her the first operation but it consists of sending a camera up a small pee drainage tube to the kidney so they can send in a basket, trap the stone then look around to see if there is more calcification. The problem is the tube likes to send stuff down it but not up and refuses entry to the camera so a stint is put in to stretch the tube and a second operation scheduled for the following week.

Other than needing a second operation, feeling nausea, and sore the process is moving along.

Tune in next week when we will find out:

  1. Is there only one stone… or a whole band?Kidney Stones
  2. Can she pee faster with a stretched tube?
  3. Will Wayne have the stone mounted in a ring for her to remember this by?



3 thoughts on “To Pee or not to Pee… that is a question!

  1. I was wondering why the Doctor’s didn’t discover the complications until just before the surgery! Myrna and Wayne must be incredibly disappointed…


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