Part 3 – Smile Things Could Be Worse!

Rough Week
For those who have been following the exploits of Myrna and her parting with a kidney this is the third chapter. If you missed one, all three can be seen on

Myrna believes that you should always smile because things could be worse so she was smiling as she returned to Edmonton today and sure enough things got worse.

Tomorrow, Thursday May 9th, she goes under the knife for her second time in a week. If successful, something they will know right away, she was then scheduled to return on the 14 to have her kidney removed. Today she was told they couldn’t wait until tomorrow so they let the operating room times for the next two weeks go so if she is to return it will be in three weeks at which time her test results will be too old and she will have to do them over. Remember them? See chapter one.

It is not often Myrna is not smiling but today she was not. If she did not consider it a privilege to give the gift of life to her brother, I think she would have come home. She is still confident that she will be healthy enough to give way her good kidney and they will get her other one fixed up enough for her to live with. (see post 2 to Pee or not to Pee)

Think about her and ask your God to intervene if you think it does any good but please do not tell her you are praying for her, as she is not a believer in the power of prayer. In fact we find it funny that so many people profess to be Christians but few will step up to donate in order to save another person’s life. Gandhi said it best; “I do not like Christians because they are so unlike their leader.” If Christ did exist he apparently gave up his life for the sinners of the world, but most Christians will not cross the street to help a sinner, yet they all profess to be one. Go figure.

There are other benefits to donating. Two of Myrna and Wayne’s sisters knew their medical history precluded them from being donors and the third discovered cancerous looking spots on her kidney that she would not have otherwise known about had she not been tested. Even Myrna would not have known about her kidney stone, although it may have been there for years and could have well been with her entire life without her known, but now it will be gone or at least polished put into a ring. So inquire, you only need one good kidney and you too could save a life. I have been told this keystone cops scenario the doctors and hospital administration has been performing is not common and most donations go with little difficulty.

I know I am ranting here a little because I worry about Myrna. The doctors told her that her chances of complications increased by 300% because of these difficulties and yet still she soldiers on. I had been secretly hoping her sisters doctors would decide her spots were not a problem and she would be an excellent candidate as she is a perfect match rather than only a 50% match but I understand they are still monitoring her and she is out of the game.

In this country we cannot buy body parts, unless you count artificial boobs, but I would find a couple thousand ways to reward someone for their time and I know both Wayne and their mother would do likewise or more in order to give him a reasonable life. If you know someone who would like to see if they are a match, you can be assured they will be on our Christmas list.

Thanks for at least lending me your ear.


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