Bike Week Ends With A BANG!




My son Carson was peddling home Friday at 5:30.  While pulling on to the road to Superstore he had to wait for several cars signalling to turn followed by a Black Audi that was not signalling but as Carson pulled out he turned anyway causing Carson to hit the brakes to keep from being hiImaget.  The car is similar to one pictured here as he is not sure if it was two door or four.  

The car turned into the Superstore gas bar so Carson rode over to tell him he should signal but the middle age white driver saw him coming and took off so again. Carson had to hit the brakes to keep from being hit falling over and the scum driving the car drove over his arm and kept going in the direction of Costco.  


We think he probably went to another gas station down the road and they will be looking at surveillance tapes as well.  Should the driver read this blog it would be better for him to grow a pair and turn himself in as he will eventually get caught and it is better if it is not by me.

Perhaps it was accidental and he got scared and ran but it is just common courtesy to stop and see how badly the person is hurt.  What if he had hit his head?  

Did he think he is too important to stop and some other people at the pumps would take care of him?  How self centred do you have to be to run?  Fortunately Carson was not badly injured but now he can’t even collect insurance for the daImageys he might have to miss work at least an admission would solve that problem but fewer people are prepared to take responsibility for their actions it seems.   

The amount of injury is not as important as the total lack of respect a driver like this has for people on bicycles and should be not only held aaccountable but made an example of. If you know who this might be or were a witness, the RCMP would like to hear from you.  If not and you live in the Okanagan perhaps you could repost this article in order to get as much exposure as possible.


An ambulance responded and took Carson to the emergency ward where they bandaged his fingers and arm.  Although a good case of road rash they do think the fingers are broken.  Not seen as clearly in the photo are the actual tire tracks which showed up clearly on his forearm.  

He told theImage RCMP officer that if this happened on NCIS they would take photos of the prints, run it through a data base, cross reference with make and type of tires, narrowed it down to who has purchased such tires, see who put them on an Audi and by now would be kicking down his door and blasting his home with high powered fire arms.  She replied they didn’t do it that way.  

Okay then how about you just find him and turn him loose on main street June 14, (for those not informed it is national ride your bike naked day) and let those bikers flog him with what ever they may have to carry out such an action.  Image

The good news is other than road rash it appears he will ride another day but be careful out there folks they walk among us.



2 thoughts on “Bike Week Ends With A BANG!

  1. Sorry to hear about your son . Too many distracted drivers out there. Taking right turns on red lights with out looking for cyclists or pedestrians.

    Tell me the police at least took photos of the tire track marks on his arm…..surley they took some ? If not that’s the most incompetent thing I’ve ever heard…’s called evidence.


  2. I’m so glad you are publizing this… my son was hit by a local companies Plumbing Contractors van a couple of years ago and the company didn’t even call to appologize and in fact sent emails to witnesses thanking them for their support of the company even though the witnesses all thought the driver was in the wrong. AND ICBC paid for mearly a percentage of my son’s clothing and helmet and nothing for the scrapes on his bike or the fact that a 13 year old was nearly killed because someone decided not to look both ways and roll forward in an intersection…
    Save a life.


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