Pee on the Flowers!

If you have followed the events as the wife tries to give up a kidney to her brother you will know the challenges she has had.  Today was to be the third operation so last night her brother Wayne checked into the hospital and as he was getting prepped the doctor turned and said, “I’m sorry but I don’t think we can go ahead at this time.  His pulse is a little low.”

“His pulse is low!  I don’t care if it has stopped!  Rip this kidney out of me and cram it inside him I am not going to go through yet another delay!”  That was the wife’s inner voice, on the outside she just said, “Low?  Is there not something we can do?”

After some debate a heart doctor came in and had a look at him then decided it was not so much his pulse was low as it was the machine was not reading it correctly.  So good to go at long last.

The day started at five so Myrna could check into the hospital at 5:30 and was in the operating room at 7:45.  They finished with her just before lunch and then put her into the recovery room.  Myrna came back to her room smiling and happy with only minor discomfort and was happy it was over.  IMG_3742She was down 4 ounces.  While that is at the same as a big quarter pounder, it is not a good weight loss system.  At this rate she would have had to give up several more organs just to reach her ideal weight.

In the mean time the surgeon had a rare steak for lunch, then cleaned up the parts and began installing them in Wayne.  Okay I just made up the rare steak part but I wonder what you do eat or how you would feel about steak after cutting parts out of someone… but then I degrees.  Wayne’s operation finished about 4:30 and all went well as he was already producing urine.

In case you never thought about it, without working kidneys you don’t produce urine so for months Wayne has been going to the hospital three times a week and hooking up to a dialysis machine to get rid of the all the toxins building up in his body.

He said the first thing he wants to do is pee where ever he likes, maybe in the flowers like his son did wIMG_3745hen he was young, unfortunately Brice I don’t have a photo of that.

After months of uncertainty, some worry (on my part, not Myrna’s) and a number of delays it was worth it and we would encourage anyone with an opportunity to give, to do so.  During this procedure we met a number of people with close family members who would not donate for a number of excuses which in the end seem pretty lame compared to the joy in saving a life.  The first thing Myrna said when she awoke was, “How is Wayne?”  and when the doctors told her how well everything went she just beamed.

The medical team did a great job and we would like to thank them and all those who supported both Myrna and Wayne through this just so Wayne can go pee where he wants!

One thought on “Pee on the Flowers!

  1. thanks for the update Layton, and the pictures. I know you must have been very concerned, it’s a hard place – SPECTATOR. Give my dearest friend a hug from
    me and all her friends and extended family in GP.


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